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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 10th and 11th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,211.57

Auction Quick Recap

I want to thank Frank Schilling and all of the Uniregistry Staff for allowing me to help test their new app and for the gift of It was fun and hopefully that name will pay for the whole trip someday.

domain shane auction recap meme   V at the beginning is the best spot.  Haven’t seen an under $1000 but if it stays there you have done well IMO. 19 years old

1,177 USD 19 years old.   Solid western enduser letters.   Maybe you could sell it to Ericsson Hewlett Packard Telecom

580 USD It’s nice to see the vowels rising  Just have to decide if you are searching for friends you already have or friends you want to have.  I get emails for girls that want to be my friend all the time so I am covered

? I imagine a site that connects you with long lost friends. Maybe through hiring investigators. Like the stories of soldiers that find their buddies after 40 years.  The story of all the people that will most likely be sitting all around me and behind me kicking my seat. 9 bidders

523 USD I’m not sure if you build a tips site or a site to share horror stories with this name.   15 years old.   Great Blue Heron, yeah not sure how you get 4 letters out of three words either

515 USD I believe HE is a Chinese City Code too.  14 years old.  Aged that is doing well because of the good letters……I think

221 USD Seems lower than last week.

SQQ.Biz   Qs and Biz are up for some awards after their performances this past fall

575 USD,

575 USD,

410 USD,

565 USD   Again, nice letters.  11 years old.  You’ll get more from an enduser than the Chinese Market IMO

442 USD Orange County Fitness, or OC Full Time a job site.   Prestige Worldwide.  Everyone loves the C.  Unless it has Hepatitis in front of it

2,214 USD   The Z gives the name to China, and a tiny piece to New Zealand

1,951 USD  The double 88 brings all the boys to the yard

? I wish I knew what the result was, can’t find it.    Looks like Kin, sounds like K one N.  Awesome

612 USD Seems like a really low price for this.    All boats will rise. Except that boat with the hole in it known as dot US

416 USD The .US will rise again or rise for the first time, at some point. I think so anyway, move the restriction on it at least and give it a fighting chance.,

231 USD

211 USD These all seem lower than the last few weeks. Deals? Or dropping prices?   We’ve now moved into since most are now too expensive.

120 USD The Chips have been sold out for months. Now we start to see some expire the get a better idea of the going rate. They should be on par with .net in a year.  Gotta have a LLNN on each list now.

?  My favorite in the last year

202 USD

Actually quite a few nice LLNN if you’re in to those types of names,

115 USD


180 USD


107 USD  Haven’t seen a come up for auction in a long long time. Coming up in 6 days

3 days left at 3k

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  No reserve, at $20.  Three letter dot info is trailing behind dot biz but climbing

Ends Tonight  Means “get rich” according to listing.  Getting some nice bids early

4 days left   20 years old.  Sending gift will stand the test of time.  How they send them will change

330 USD Sold for a lot more a couple of years ago  Orange County property is very expensive and plentiful.  A good combo. 19 years old

610 USD   There is nothing more profitable than non profits.  And all the bidders must know that

3,650 USD Could be a gift site 16 years old. No bidders. Good name for $12

555 USD Looks like it dropped a couple of years ago. These names are money machines for godaddy. Auction, Expire, Auction If you do this then the name is fantastic.  One bidder agrees

125 USD I agree, it’s long but you can’t drop any of the words and still know what it is.  Great letters and some age.  Add this to your portfolio.  or start it

419 USD  This one is going to be a lot more expensive.  But I do think you have just as good of a chance to sell the other to and end user.  But the liquidity value here is 4X the above

3,044 USD  D for Department or Donkey. Both work

1,010 USD  Like it just because its so easy to remember.  Although M and N are confusing vocally.  The price is so high I don’t think anyone really cares

4,272 USD  One bid at $1350 at press time

1913 USD   The triple 5s are the lipstick

1,008 USD  I like this one more.  I have no idea but I have always liked 887 and 963 and have used them for all kinds of things. And they have no relevance to anything from the past.   I know, weird

450 USD  Top priced of the day.  Sure there will be more when I drill down.  or at least when I scroll down

240 USD

That didn’t take long, here are a few more I like, 243 USD





THCR, 238 USD 238 USD   I’ve talked about these the last few weeks.  They are doing well but I like the letter at the end better. Doesn’t seem to make much difference in price

128 USD  Getting a very good bid for a dot co

225 USD, 101 USD 131 USD   Was at $35.  I tried to buy and outbid all the way to $190.  I may come back to it

338 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   At half of what I think it should go for

425 usd   A group of 5N.nets closing at Sedo today that are very nice

1,650 USD

1,850 USD

1750 USD   

1,653 USD



Recap Quick Overview

vwn.net1,177 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
ehpt.com580 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
travelingwithkids.com523 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
gbhe.com515 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
brcf.net221 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
sqq.biz575 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
gxx.biz575 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
qsq.biz410 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
qqs.biz565 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
ocft.com442 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
mrkc.com2,214 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
nzdf.com1,951 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
k1n.com612 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
78678.net416 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
jcpt.net231 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
fzmj.net211 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
cnbh.cc120 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
9292.me202 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
gh95.com115 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
rd86.com180 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
rd95.com107 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
giftsender.com330 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
ocproperty.com610 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
givers.com3,650 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
techlifestyle.com555 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
customweddingdresses.com125 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
nlea.com419 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
nhrb.com3,044 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
igid.com1,010 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
kmk.net4,272 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
llcz.com1913 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
058555.com1,008 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
282887.com450 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
bcpr.net240 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
zscd.net243 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
twsw.net240 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
djzg.net241 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
kybc.net211 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
kwmc.net211 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
thcr.net238 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
xdrl.net238 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
b686.com128 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
pcz.co225 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
lk89.com101 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
td89.com131 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
r66.cc338 USD01/10/16GoDaddy
xgr.biz425 USDFlippa
7857.net1,650 USDSedo
7653.net1,850 USDSedo
6972.net1,653 USDSedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $3,044.00 1/10/2016 GoDaddy $1,913.00 1/10/2016 GoDaddy $2,150.00 1/9/2016 NameJet $2,098.00 1/9/2016 NameJet $2,214.00 1/9/2016 GoDaddy $1,951.00 1/9/2016 GoDaddy $2,111.00 1/9/2016 Flippa
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