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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 10th of February

Auction Quick Recap

We all worry about “leaving money on the table” every time we sell a name. Some people lose sleep over it, others have trouble pulling the trigger to even sell a name. With that said, I understand the models of selling that requires you to have faith and confidence in the name. Lot’s of confidence is the only way  investors can break sales records or squeeze a name for it’s full potential, but these are premium names, the best of the best.

When were talking about any other kind of name, especially “liquid” you will always be leaving potential money on the table, unless it’s an end user sale. That’s what makes it liquid, the potential for it to increase in value.

The cool thing is, there’s always another opportunity right around the corner if you look for it. Right now you don’t even have to look that hard.  This applies to liquid names and anything that isn’t “super ultra premium plus.”  So don’t fret about what you could have sold something for, move on to the next deal. The table will always have money on it, sometimes you’re leaving it there, sometimes you take all the money and steal the table too.  dsad auction recap 02/10/16

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,995.11 There is a ton of money in making people feel like they’re healthy whether they are or aren’t.  17 years old

676 USD Maybe it’s interrogative, So? Healthy, who cares.  No bidders, 15 years old.  Good name for selling Ze Bud.  Marijuana domain or for $12

? The Bud   A CHiP and its already over average price.  I think the average price may be moving up soon. The quality at auction is lessening and there are fewer and fewer premium CHiPs at auction. None of those things are bad things

2200 USD  Opening bid is $65 and really not a bad price for a brand

? Pooga, Pooga, Pooga… I don’t know, I’m saying it outloud to see if I like it. I envision a yellow bear in the 100 acre woods covered in shit.  HUGE name getting few bids.  Everyone with a website needs this.

BIN of $3888  Not that far above what it recently sold for. The seller will walk away with a little profit, but it seems like a reasonable price.   I have no idea why this one is this high

I’m not sure either, According to it has 77 backlinks from 29 domains. That’s decent seo time savings if done right and it doesn’t seem to have the crap spammed out of it., 355 USD, 419 USD, Z Peace in Spanish. I kinda like this one.,  504 USD, 454 USD  Never Offer Nuts to Whales.  They are allergic, look it up.  280 USD Online Virtual Killing Fields. A violent game rated M.

Here is your daily group of bottom boat for you to bid on

I’ve see a lot worse boats.   I admit I was wrong on Never saw it.  Real market here

601 USD I’m confused. 5 months ago you said several times to watch’s they’re starting to move. I bought some.   This one I saw coming.  But did I buy?  No.  I sold into it.  I made some money but left enough money on the table that the table collapsed from the weight

330 USD Forget the table, it’s a fake table anyway. You probably bought something better and sold it for more with the money. Or maybe we need the table. If there wasn’t a table to leave money on, no one would ever buy our names. Wow that sounds good, That’s my quote of the day. Very nice  I’ve spend $25K on 6Ns lately.  Maybe a dumb move but I’ve not been putting enough money into my predictions and thoughts and I’m tired of being right and not making any money.  I’m sure I’ll be wrong when I have the most invested.  Life likes to slap you in the face like that some times

335 USD Think of it as house money. Bring down the house.   Can’t go wrong with 5N.coms either.  Although people are hunting the ROI that 6Ns give and they’re cheaper so 5N.coms may actually present a discount soon

830 USD  Just your run of the mill, no 4 no zero   Everyone has a few

221 USD, 249 USD, 245 USD Looks like child 246 USD

And for you fans.  Here are three to dine on.   Just don’t see many 5N.nets come up for auction.  They’re out there and selling just not at auction I guess

225 USD  Yeah, numeric dot co again selling for a good price

740 USD  I like these balanced patterns.  Even with the zero.

? It does look nice.   I own lots of these names.  I need this one to get close to $100 to make me feel better. That’s how this whole domain thing works. You buy and then you try and make yourself feel good by telling everyone else how awesome those types of names are.

100 USD  I would buy these all day long if I had any cash. That’s the anchor 0, it’s positive.  Premium  Whatever that means

102 USD, $100 bucks that’s what it means. It has to start somewhere.  There really isn’t much need in buying a without an 888. There are tens of thousands of them

1,200 USD Nice work 7N.  5 more days until you can buy this beaut.   That’s pretty neat

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   Has hit five figures.   Never heard of anyone not liking Aspen

The last time I was in Aspen, I had ski boots that didn’t fit right. I was in pain the whole time, and too stupid to get new boots. I didn’t like Aspen then.   Don’t think I’ve heard the term Ultra Premium before.  This is a nice name but I think the seller may have over exaggerated  with the description.  But I’m guilty of that everyday so no biggie

Unsold. You can add as many adjectives as you like, Super Ultra Premium plus. “So No Biggie” I saw that.  Big name and even comes with a website

Unsold  Big keyword.  OK tld

6 Days left  Great western letters.  H for Holdings.  Or Hair

512 USD, Nice Quad premium domain.    Anything under $300 is a good buy in the  My opinion only.  But that is pretty much the floor right now

No Winner 16 years old with 3 bids at $15. Anyone who owns a Dubai name dreams of some sheik offering them a few hundred grand for their name because money means nothing to sheiks. Or at least that is what we think in our dreams

It’s at $75, 3 days left. I hope this damn thing sells. I’m tired of looking at it.   One more, It’s at $200

Unsold   Reserve met at $100.  Gets 13,300 visits a month which seems like a good traffic buy

3 Days Left Maybe that traffics only during big election years.  Seems like a good buy under $500

4 Days left at $650


NameJet Results $3,210 2/9/2016 $3,221 2/9/2016 $3,150 2/9/2016 $360 2/9/2016 $200 2/9/2016 $109 2/9/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:2d 17h High Bid:$80 Time Left:2d 17h High Bid:$80 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$130 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$111 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$1,800 Time Left:2d 19h High Bid:$1,007


  Recap Quick Overview

sohealthy.com676 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
kbcf.com2200 USD02/08/16GoDaddy
tpxe.com355 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
zpaz.com419 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
gtki.com504 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
nonw.com454 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
ovkf.com280 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
xtp.co601 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
bqx.biz330 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
663818.com335 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
17154.com830 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
263189.com221 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
sfzg.net249 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
chld.net245 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
kfns.net246 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
97123.net225 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
8586.co740 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
866380.com100 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
hhhb.org102 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
5119888.com1,200 USD02/09/16GoDaddy
offh.com512 USD02/09/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 2/9/2016 Flippa $1,925.00 2/9/2016 Ebay $2,160.33 2/9/2016
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  1. Been there on the ski boots. Too small ski boots is absolute torture. I had to exchange them after the first day.

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