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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 12th and 13th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,135.90

Auction Quick Recap

I’m really glad I came to Namescon, I was able to meet some awesome people and had a great time.  We immerse ourselves in the online world day after day, it’s nice to engage the physical world from time to time. I plan on going to more conferences in the future, besides the obvious benefits, it’s a good excuse to break the monotony of the every day.  This one has met reserve and should sell

1,200 USD High ad Competition keyword with 1000 GMS   18 years old   I can think of a thousand uses for this one.  Just none right now

6 days left  I like the name just don’t know why it’s at such a high price.

696 USD It could be high because it’s a semi-synthetic Opiod, a constellation, and a rifle model.   Stubborn German guy

2,075 USD Or a Vampire  This type seems to still be available each day.  But that doesn’t make them cheap

841 USD  Another one that should end up very close in price

605 USD  The kind of letters I feel comfortable buying.   O for Online, N for Network

5 days left  Straight up Chinese premium.  Started at the bottom now they’re here

2,091 USD  The back from the dead tld is getting a resurgence because of the Chinese market.  Plenty of opportunity to ride it. Its been a slow rise up.

355 USD

What would a list be without the LLLL.nets?, 238 USD, 241 USD, 234 USD, 235 USD

You can make money on these just by picking the right day of the week to buy. Seems like it depends on who shows up at the auction that determines a $50-$75 swing.  17 years old.  Although I’ve never seen a coupon that raises the price

can’t find this one, the Org sold for $160 in september  After watching go for $4700 this week I am paying attention to these types now

180 USD  

155 USD

A few others didn’t have their results recorded, or they didn’t reach $100. Lots of potential value to be found if you look around. Not much value but have you ever had a mink eating your chickens?  Those things are so hard to stop.  Much harder than squirrels

dsad auction recap 01/13 meme? I don’t have any chickens or any other livestock for that matter, but good information if I did.  Fantastic pattern, my favorite.  2nd for most people with AABB being the best

Unsold  No reserve, at $20.  Three letter dot info is trailing behind dot biz but climbing

56 USD Not sure where these go from here but at least they have  liquidity. Someone out there could be the king of’s and make a living on them only. Buying .info’s low and selling higher one of a thousand ways to profit from domains.   Some Quality North Carolina name

1,968 USD  Twenty years old.  Plenty of uses as long as you sell something the has to do with offices.

2,606 USD Didn’t see if this one had traffic, I bet it did  Pretty sure most residences have a floor. 16 years old

1,575 USD If they don’t they’ll be able to visit this site once it’s built out and get some.  Insert condom joke here

3,383 USD Seems like a good deal, not really an every day use word and has an overall negative connotation, but I think there’s some good use for it.  Awesome  Should have had a few of these in the Live auction.  Guaranteed sales

4,436 USD Great pronounceable name.  Current bid is a heck of a deal IMO

1,875 USD This is great, I should have bought it, I like it with the net too. Zig Net, it sounds cool.  I am going to buy this one and apply for the permit you need to divide it into two 3N.coms

567 USD Good price IMO, starting with double 9’s double 8’s ending in 9 and a 6 thrown in for good luck.  On the border of good Western Definitely a CHiP

2,125 USD I like the Y. It may have one too many scrabble points but is versatile  ABCB is a good pattern to buy.  Better than a regular  Obviously depends on letters

528 USD   Another one here

296 USD You could try and market this one as a 3L with a cursive W at the beginning.  One of those names that is two short, well know words, that makes a great brand for so many things

1,014 USD for $1K at auction? Must have had traffic. It started out as an Alabama ISP in 97 and looks like it ended up as a Hiking blog, based on my quick search.   You know I like it so I’ll just move on to the next one.

180 USD After looking at number and letter patterns for so long, some just look pretty after awhile. The extension is even part of the pattern. NNA.BB

And a few for you dot net lovers, 236 USD, 240 USD, 230 USD 230 USD

Same  range as yesteday.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Ironically cheaper than the cost of an actual prostitute

crackwhoreddsad265 USD Well that all depends on your budget  I guess.  Reserve not met.  Will come down to who loves it more. You or the sellers

2172 USD



NameJet Results $70 1/13/2016 $520 1/11/2016 $911 1/11/2016 $600 1/11/2016 $160 1/11/2016 $3,500 1/11/2016 $3,300 1/11/2016 -RMN 1/11/2016 $142 1/11/2016 $210 1/11/2016 $113 1/11/2016 $277 1/11/2016 $839 1/11/2016 -RMN 1/11/2016 -RMN 1/11/2016 $1,750 1/11/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$22,100 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$2,222 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$3,970 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$250 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$99 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$79 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$3,000 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:1d 18h High Bid:$79

Recap Quick Overview

externaldrives.com1,200 USD01/11/16NamesCon
m99.net696 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
07081.com841 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
vont.com2,075 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
46715.com605 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
qxwf.com2,091 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
5519.biz355 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
sfqr.net238 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
dxsg.net241 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
fldq.net234 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
lhjf.net235 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
rl11.com180 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
lf11.com155 USD01/11/16GoDaddy
sqnc.com1,968 USD01/12/16Flippa
officepros.com2,606 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
myflooring.com1,575 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
condone.com3,383 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
81251.com4,436 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
zig.net1,875 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
996889.com567 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
ytgf.com2,125 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
aywy.com528 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
vwzw.com296 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
websun.com1,014 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
66b.cc180 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
whwb.net236 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
gkcl.net240 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
wtfg.net230 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
tfkr.net230 USD01/12/16GoDaddy
r62.com2172 USD01/13/16Flippa
prostitute.org265 USD01/13/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,500.00 1/12/2016 Flippa $2,100.00 1/12/2016 GoDaddy $2,001.00 1/12/2016 Ebay $2,051.00 1/12/2016 GoDaddy $2,032.00 1/12/2016 Sedo $2,010.00 1/12/2016 NameJet $2,125.00 1/12/2016 GoDaddy $1,950.00 1/11/2016 Sedo $1,968.00 1/11/2016 Flippa $2,622.00 1/11/2016 NameJet
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