Auction Recap, 14th of February 2016

Feb 14 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 14th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Ahh Happy Valentine’s Day. Why don’t we make a fake holiday for domains too? Maybe in the middle of August, I can’t think of any real or fake holidays in August. You wouldn’t have to buy cards or flowers or candy just aftermarket domains.

Second thought, You would send flowers and plants to all your friends and families, right Shane?

With enough marketing we could get it to go main stream, banks would close, government offices would shut down and everyone would be online for a huge auction event to buy their favorite domain.

We’ll need some ground work done.

-Character or Mascot to represent domain day

-A Back Story full of fake tradition and intrigue.

-Lobbyists to push for national and then world recognition.

We could all benefit, so someone take this torch and run with it. IMG_1181

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,326.50  Fantastic name if you’re dealing in bikes or wheels.  20 years old

? Must have had a reserve. Sold for 40K in 2014 on Afternic.  Cheap version of the above.  No bids at $12

403 USD  Don’t see a lot of LLL.coms anymore on Godaddy but after this sale you may see more

47,500 USD Wow, almost $50K for the Vowel and V.  Getting a few bids. Once you’ve seen war you’ll hate war

2,280 USD I guessing this is some kind of video game rather than a call to action. I’m surprised at the price either way.  Long name but getting lots of bids.  Not sure if anyone can spell accessories

1,137 USD Lots of stuff that can be sold with this name.,

256 USD,

256 USD  Very nice CHiP. I think it goes over $2500

2102 USD They did that just to spite you.  One of the better LLL.nets out this month.  Even if you don’t like Chinese names (one of the 3 people I know) its still very memorable

3,500 USD  This one is memorable as well.  So maybe memorable has no value.  No bidders

? Yeahhh, It sold but didn’t make it to $100. It’s memorable and works if you’re making awesome decoys. Decoys that fly around and shoot missiles at real ducks. Surprised this one has no bids.   Great legal help site name

416 USD: Keith DeBoer, according to namebio this one went to auction last year, same date. Was the brandbucket sale in 2014?  For two years you couldn’t go wrong with CCC.  We’ll see if the same returns continue

?  Not a consonant like the above but Ye is pretty strong on its own

1,275 USD Sounds Japanese, or old English   These are now over $200

266 USD   Yeah,  I see fuck too

2551 USD With a stutter.  The 666 is the draw.  Will probably cross $2500.  Market says it will Edit-It was already at $4500

? reserve?   There are 100K 5Ns and yet we only have one or two a day at auction.  That’s why this is at this price

3,261 USD  And most of them are this quality

761 USD  The 888 is nice but what I hate about this is I am going to have the final price compared to my 888 6Ns even though this one ends in zero which is completely different.   But this is still a very nice name

1,850 USD One day…. It will all change, back. Click Numbers  There are some pretty good numbers today in a lot of different categories

1,586 USD 5 5 5, makes me think of Rob Zombie.  Another good pattern dot net

460 USD Thought this one would be a bit higher.  I think the three letter dot co could be hitting $1K by the end of the year.  Yes, I said it

740 USD, 205 USD, 176 USD 151 USD  These aren’t nearly as good as the above but still all most likely going to cross $200

171 USD  This one already did

?  This looked like a plain old but then I saw 321.  Chinese love sequence

260 USD, Yes they do. 4,470 USD 2014-05-09 Sedo  I usually have a group of lower quality LLLL.coms but today this is the worst and its still over $400

405 USD  At $27.   6N.coms with zeros are at $53 in China.  A little bird told me


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Might be the most valuable .ps name in the world

Unsold at $10K


NameJet Results $3,200 2/13/2016 $3,510 2/13/2016 $3,311 2/13/2016 $3,450 2/13/2016 $99 2/13/2016 $319 2/13/2016 $310 2/13/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:15h 36m High Bid:$4,400 Time Left:15h 37m High Bid:$910 Time Left:15h 38m High Bid:$399 Time Left:15h 40m High Bid:$99 Time Left:15h 43m High Bid:$399 Time Left:15h 44m High Bid:$89 Time Left:15h 48m High Bid:$160 Time Left:15h 50m High Bid:$111 Time Left:15h 52m High Bid:$110 Time Left:15h 54m High Bid:$69 Time Left:16h 3m High Bid:$3,200 Time Left:16h 3m High Bid:$810 Time Left:16h 6m High Bid:$110 Time Left:16h 8m High Bid:$2,901 Time Left:16h 9m High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:16h 48m High Bid:$155 Time Left:17h 2m High Bid:$333 Time Left:17h 21m High Bid:$1,299 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$109 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$270 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$721 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$220 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$200 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$2,800

  Recap Quick Overview

thewheels.com403 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
eqv.com47,500 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
gowar.com2,280 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
gameaccessories.com1,137 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
tchg.net256 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
ckxf.net256 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
khcm.com2102 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
xbx.net3,500 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
legalroom.com416 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
ye9.com1,275 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
xck.biz266 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
fckk.com2551 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
21636.com3,261 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
14467.com761 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
888230.com1,850 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
93555.net1,586 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
99663.net460 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
xkx.co740 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
uug.co205 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
vce.co176 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
ysi.co151 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
hlu.co171 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
586321.com260 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
gihv.com405 USD02/13/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,102.00 2/13/2016 GoDaddy $2,551.00 2/13/2016 GoDaddy
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