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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 17th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Yesterday I had to turn my text notification for Godaddy auction off. My phone was blowing up with offer received texts. Someone must have gone through all the’s in offer counter offer and gone crazy. Probably not a bad idea to get a few good deals. I raised the minimum offer on all of them, but it’s good to know that someone will pay $290 for every single 4L out there.

I also had the emails coming in. One in particular was from a guy that I’ve sold non chip 4L’s to in the past. He said he want’s lots of them.

The new .cloud extension is out. I talked to a couple of guys from .cloud at namescon. I told them they should make logo’s that were clouds in the shape of whatever Chinese animal year it is. They liked that idea, I think the context of the conversation was marketing to China. I don’t think they had explicit plans to do that. At this point I think any registry operator should have a well thought out China game plan.  I haven’t seen any animal cloud logo’s so I made them one. MONKEYLOGO2

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,227.31   No reserve so you don’t get that red reserve ribbon that scares everyone away.  Good Western Letters

? Sold for $500 in 2011   One just like it but I can’t get past the expiration date. Too close, too close

No Winner  A bit Tarzanish but I get why people would like it.  17 years old

290 USD, I like it. It’s a common phrase even if it’s just partial. It can used in a sentence and sound non-mongoloid. “I know what you like” of “We have what you like” are tag lines that you could use for the brand.  Q is for Quality. I think I said that yesterday too

?  Looks like the average according to Travis is around 40K, I think this is a little better than average with the Qi, but these aren’t in my wheelhouse. I spend my time in the slums and on the streets with the working class domains, not the royalty.  Damn!  This one must come with a piece of land in China at that price

40,001 USD Guji Guji Written by: Chih-Yuan Chen  Not Just a CVCV but pinyin with lots of different meaning and a book, among other things.   And you thought Band Camp was full of the special kids.  Joke value only

102 USD Really? Shane lets joke about some of the crap names I have.  You know when I say if it sounds like a wine or an IPA its a good name.  This wasn’t what I was talking about.  But its still a good name

1,555 USD Yankee Pale Ale.,

? I wish I knew what the bidding reached not a bad VCCV, These were the names we used to hold onto waiting for them to be bought as acronyms. International Radiological Barnacle Union.   Not a bad marketing name for $12.  No bidders. 14 years old

? If I’m buying blueberries, I want the best.  I can see how a should have some value.   Even has an actual chance of enduser, which is more than many domains can say

106 USD It’s certainly no .biz or .co but it has some value.   Easy $4k or more because of the lack of the bad seeds.  4 and zero

3,218 USD  It has the zero but since there are only four numbers  we can all forgive it

1,575 USD  Three out of six 8s is never a bad thing in today’s market.

?  All those three letter dot biz have value but not this one?  No bidders

? Must be slow year for the Dojo Business.  Maybe the don’t have much value

?   I bet you can’t say it fast 10 times and get it right every time

2,324 USD I keep saying Pin Pim  Also a CHiP but not the same quality as the above

2213 USD,  637 USD, 570 USD, 621 USD, 560 USD

Absolutely love these.  Going to be hard to win all of these but I put a bid in for all of them

They do look nice., 140 USD, 261 USD

If you want the runts of the collection……………Josh

What’s this? but the average for 4 and 0 is like $27? Oh, there’s pattern there and these previously overlooked, last to be picked, red headed step children are almost at the average no 4 no 0 price. 🙂 well the 0 is anyway.  I have to admit this one is pretty.  And I think pretty makes up 43% of the value of the name

735 USD, 245 USD, 240 USD, 236 USD, 242 USD, 242 USD, 242 USD   247 USD

I thought the TJ would bring this one higher than the rest. I didn’t think it would only be $2.

These are some terrible scrabble letters right here. But when it comes to, they rock.

You make a very good point Shane. Maybe we should look into developing a no vowel pinyin scrabble game. , 333 USD, 338 USD, 246 USD 265 USD   255 USD

The only science to these prices that  I can see, is the time the auction ended. Looks like bidders blew all of there money by the end of the day and the last ones went cheaper.

If you are going to buy a then this is how I think you should go.  Doubles or double double if you can find them.  I think you’ll make money on all of these.  But don’t listen to me.  If you do you will lose all your money and you’ll be forced to take a job counting Frank Schillings gold bars each Friday afternoon., 91 USD, 95 USD   

I think has a ways to run.  Opinion only  I love it.  Memorable and fun. Even sounds a little Chinese which means absolutely nothing but everything is about China so I have to squeeze it in.  One bidder at $12

426 USD, Well it is fun and there’s also thisDing Ning is a Chinese table tennis player. She was the winner of women’s singles in the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships.Wikipedia

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Pretty special name. Gets 13,00o visits a month to boot

3 days left, over $5k  No reserve.   Great keyword, Ok ending

1400 USD,  Doing as well as I thought it would.  Aspen is one of the best cities in America

Ends Tomorrow and Reserve not met, currently at $16.7k  Owner says it means “very prosperous business” in Chinese and I’m going to have to take his word because I don’t speak numbers

That’s the real beauty of the numbers you can make them mean a lot of different things. Ended unsold with 3 pending bids. Highest bid under reserve is $200.


NameJet Results 2/15/2016 2/15/2016 $359 2/15/2016 $3,305 2/15/2016 $3,343 2/15/2016 $860 2/15/2016 $460 2/15/2016 $3,700 2/15/2016 $310 2/15/2016 $69 2/15/2016 $360 2/15/2016 $547 2/15/2016 $89 2/15/2016 $439 2/15/2016 $1,932 2/15/2016 $6,000 2/15/2016 $409 2/15/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:14h 50m High Bid:$340 Time Left:15h 15m High Bid:$79 Time Left:15h 27m High Bid:$19,100 Time Left:15h 37m High Bid:$125 Time Left:15h 38m High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:15h 38m High Bid:$1,000 Time Left:15h 48m High Bid:$33,500 Time Left:15h 51m High Bid:$501 Time Left:16h 0m High Bid:$69 Time Left:16h 17m High Bid:$333 Time Left:16h 35m High Bid:$59,000 Time Left:1d 14h High Bid:$70 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$85 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$81 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$320 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$4,400 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$2,150 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$1,010 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$510 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$3,122 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$2,322 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$5,200 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$1,888 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$70 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$15,000 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$79 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$800

  Recap Quick Overview

whatyoulike.com290 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
guji.com40,001 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
stampcamp.com102 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ypa.net1,555 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
jjf.info106 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
52753.com3,218 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
9910.net1,575 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
pnpm.com2,324 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
hxbr.com2213 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668875.com637 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668873.com570 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668871.com621 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668872.com560 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668874.com140 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668870.com261 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
yzy.co735 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
jxhj.net245 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
byxy.net240 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
zyjd.net236 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
xhjx.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
qgzc.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
bchx.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
tjqn.net247 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
bx66.com333 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ds33.com338 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
rt99.com246 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
rf22.com265 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
hc33.com255 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
CTYL.cc91 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
JYKJ.cc95 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ningding.com426 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
diet.io1400 USD02/16/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,324.00 2/16/2016 GoDaddy $2,144.92 2/16/2016 Sedo $2,213 2/16/2016 GoDaddy
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