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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 18th of February

The Abridged version.

All business and just the facts.

Sorta, the prices are accurate to the best of my ability, the rest is made up.

Auction Quick Recap  Usually live laugh love but I like laugh at the end better.  19 years old

1,136 USD  20 years old.  I sell the plant but my guess is it will be used for something other than selling plants.  One bidder

? are great for endusers. Obviously not the same as dot com and net but still plenty of users

1,325 USD  Not as good as the above because of the o.  Can’t have  I guess you could but its crazy

660 USD  The lack of bidders show exact match is worthless to Google now

Actually only 70 Exact match searches, I think most people don’t type online anymore, when they realize they’re sitting at a computer. I could be wrong.  16 year old WHiP.    Typo of Dont or DCNut

?  I’ve learned that 50 and 70 make the zero OK.   4 never gets much help unless it has an 8 behind it

28,466 USD  15 years old.  Will end between $1100 and $2450

1,025 USD…Not today.  No bidders at $12.  I see a use

255 USD Could be used to “Track your order” said everyone everywhere   A CHiP with K as a kicker.  CHiPs moving up again

2,260 USD  No bidders. 407 backlinks.  Put a little of this on toast and Ummmmm

407 BL’s of Spam and Jam Sandwiches.  I think you are going to be surprised how much this is going for.  And will be surprised how much it ends at

2,155 USD  15 years old.  Almost all are now $1000 plus

1,583 USD   Great pattern.  I’m still a buyer of 6Ns of this quality

1,025 USD

QCPK.net243 USD  Not very many CHiP dot nets today.  Ohhh, does that mean they’re rare now ?

232 USD , 300 USD Ouch bought a couple weeks ago for $305, The commission kills it.   Same here.  Usually a good collection of lower boats to buy. Only a few today

490 USD , 160 USD, Double zero is good ,, , ,    A list of 6N with zero or 4.  I think the zero names offer a lot of value.  I’m buying and quite a few others are.  I think the ROI will be good.  But don’t buy because I do because if you do you most certainly lose all your money and then you will forced to take a job doing a daily head shave for triple G Upgrade name for several places with the exact name

280 USD. Seems like a name that would work for a lot of restaurants, either named this or beside a river.  One more CHiP 6N for you to peruse

215 USD  Nice blog site name for under $100

531 USD,  ,  These have been doing well the last month

? Still surprises me, they’re not all over $100   A lot of massage places that could use this name for $50.  At $17 at press time.

? I’m not a big fan of the and net together, but the name does get the message across.  Almost missed this one.  One bid at $1700

1891 USD So did everyone else.   One bidder at $12 and I swear its not me. 230 free visits with purchase

pagodameme? I tried turning my back yard into a rice paddie, and we converted my daughters club house into a Pagoda. Does that qualify?

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Next bid meets reserve. 15 years old and price is 1/38th of the Estibot value

1,325 USD  Met reserve.  18 years old.  Almost a $7 CPC   159 million results on Google

525 USD  Doing as well as I thought it would.  Aspen is one of the best cities in America

16,751 USD, Goodbye Aspen, I really enjoyed Snow Mass. We’ll see you again probably next winter, when the new buyer flipps you again.   Sitemap generator name waiting for a buyer.  Reserve met, under $250 at press time.

460 USD   If can sell for $5K this one has a long way to run. 1999 Domain

655 USD  We all do this every day but probably going to been used to capture data or device testing.  13 years old.  250 visits a month according to seller.

330 USD  Think how much this would be worth without the S

Unsold. Where there’s one iceberg there’s always more. They’re a pack animal, and that’s my daily tip, of the iceberg.  CHiP .  Might as well try and buy it……sorry

Unsold  At one point I almost bought  This is a lot cheaper

15,105 USD if there ever was a perfet .io name, this is it right here. The extension flows into a natural brand, for the category that made the TLD popular. It’s so perfect it’s beautiful




  Recap Quick Overview

whatyoulike.com290 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
guji.com40,001 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
stampcamp.com102 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ypa.net1,555 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
jjf.info106 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
52753.com3,218 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
9910.net1,575 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
pnpm.com2,324 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
hxbr.com2213 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668875.com637 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668873.com570 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668871.com621 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668872.com560 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668874.com140 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
668870.com261 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
yzy.co735 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
jxhj.net245 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
byxy.net240 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
zyjd.net236 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
xhjx.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
qgzc.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
bchx.net242 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
tjqn.net247 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
bx66.com333 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ds33.com338 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
rt99.com246 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
rf22.com265 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
hc33.com255 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
CTYL.cc91 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
JYKJ.cc95 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
ningding.com426 USD02/16/16GoDaddy
diet.io1400 USD02/16/16Flippa
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