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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 26th of February

Auction Quick Recap

We’ll return to our  Brandbucket series Tomorrow or the next day. I think the next thing is to talk a little more about the different types and categories. I’ll be at work for the next 36 hours starting in the morning, hopefully I’ll have time, it not it’ll be next week.

I probably would have gotten more done today it I hadn’t been reading all the fun commentary on a few of the blogs. Sometimes it’s like watching a train wreck, you know you should look away, but you just can’t help yourself.

I’m actually laughing right now because of how ridiculous some people are. That’s not to say you can’t have an opinion and voice that opinion, but some opinions are just stupid. They’re stupid because they are completely subjective, feeling based concepts, with no real data and lots of speculation.  I guess that’s the basic nature of an opinion, but to be as objective as possible there can’t be any emotion or feelings involved.  There are certainly those who have opinions differing from me that are based in reality and fact and those are great.

I know why I think a certain way about something and I also know that I could be wrong. My facts and knowledge on the subject could be skewed, my perspective could be from the wrong angle, other factors could be at play that I don’t know about. I realize all this and will acknowledge it, but to disagree based on feelings and emotion with nothing real to back it up is just pointless.

There is great benefit to dialog derived from different points of view, alternate information, processing information a different way and so on. If I work in a lab and run experiments, I’m going to repeat the process over and over sometimes getting different results but ultimately I’ll establish a baseline.

In the midst of this is the idea of “Hype” and manipulation, accusing blogs of Hyping certain things to drive different markets. Namely the topic of .ws was talked about today.  Some angry people were talking about  bloggers Hyping .ws to “inflate” sales. They said it with the idea that the bloggers were using Jedi mind tricks to get people to buy into .ws as a brand  as viable extension.  I’m pretty sure that Shane has been very clear on his relationship with .ws. He’s talked about marketing to the Chinese and bringing awareness to the brand, the changes that have been made to fees, and  the release for the first time ever of numerics. This is not Hype, it’s marketing, I sure as hell would expect any company to do this. Why would I buy any domains if I thought that those behind the registry weren’t going to push the product? We complain about .us never being marketed properly, we “don’t like” .us because they never gave it any love.

We look at Negari and XYZ and say wow, you are a hell of a marketer, you’ve been able to spread the word of your product and get real buy in from the biggest pool of new and surging investors. A group with so much potential that all of the rest of us world wide, currently trading domains, pale in comparison.

Maybe it’s just semantics, Maybe they mean marketing when they say “Hype”. Well then boys, Hype the Shit out of it and make it successful. There’s a thousand other options out there, show them why this one is the best.

This is how business works. Hence forth I will call marketing Hyping so we’re all clear. I have a bunch of names that I want to Hype all over the place. Sometimes if I’m in the mood and have the energy I’ll Hype all day long, in different rooms of the house.  I’ve Hyped in public before too and that is exhilarating. If you have some names that have been on a dry spell, Ill Hype the shit out of them for you. It’s completely safe and risk free, all precautions are taken.  One of my favorite things to do is Hype right after or during lunch, It can be fun with a bunch or friends watching and there’s nothing like Hyping the brains out of a name in the middle of the day.

So remember when people get angry and accuse you of Hyping, they’re really talking about Marketing. Stand Proud and say Hype You! to them, or go Hype Yourself, as a friendly reminder that they too should be promoting their own names. Some people like to get family involved and there’s nothing wrong with a Mother Hyper, they have a different outlook on life and might know some people in their circle of influence that could use a good domain name.

For the record I have no relationship with .ws other than participating in buying domains at the ground floor that have never been available before at release times that were made publicly known. (I actually think that right before the big  5-20 number release that was publicized by the registry, Shane tried to Jedi mind trick me into not buying any 🙂  )

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,015.22  Let’s start off the day with this radio station name.  There’s a huge market for radio station names.  As long as they don’t have a vowel dsad auction recap 02/26or V they can go for thousands.   Radio station names are especially popular in China.  In all seriousness this one for some reason is way away from average price of a CHiP.

?  19 years old. No bidders.  Sounds like a brand site type domain

227 USD I was thinking targets or shooting optics.    18 years old.  Men of France.    And man do they like to smoke

3,270 USD Man on Fire  Take out the vowels and man do these go up in price.

?  Nice  Other bidders agree.  You know I think all that are

pronounceable are worth $50 IMO

338 USD Its a sack full of Wasabi  Good domain blog name.  Or space travel. One bidder

810 USD Or Domain blogging in Space  You can get the full monty as well.

? didn’t get the price. I think this is a better name depending on your target audience. So I would get both., 555 USD  Tpoc Shakur,  500 USD Another British domain, 321 USD   Say it out loud, it has a certain cadence to it., 350 USD, 382 USD, 565 USD I like this one, It has a harsh sound but I think it’s an easy end user sell for 4-5K, 392 USD I like this one too. You can say it and it’s short. Also would sell on BrandBucket or a similar market place., 306 USD No I’m not a Jew, but I did live on a Kibbutz in Israel., 317 USD, 353 USD Half Pinyin, 310 USD, 555 USD Apparently this sold twice in the same day for the same price…Or Shane listed it twice., 336 USD  U Het Me

A ton of non CHiPs today.  These are really the one  Even with a four these have all crossed $300.  And they continue climb

?   The four again but should do better because 4 isn’t in the middle

?  Lovely marketing name for a lot of services.  Taxes comes to mind

505 USD I found this one in my own research and was gonna try and buy it, then it was listed here.  Because you know someone is selling or will sell this

607 USD I don’t know about this one, Sometimes I feel like the bloggers are hyping water and yoga  It’s three characters and has an 8.  That’s good enough now for hundreds of dollars if its a dot com

?  Put the 8 in the right spot and it’s worth 5 times more

?, 2003 USD, 2003 USD, 2003 USD  2003 USD  Looks like a conspiracy to me.

Some mighty fine CHiPs.  You should buy them all because they are so close they are like orphan siblings. It would be wrong to split them up   My favorite in the last few months

354 USD This one means “No” in German  It seems the only that are up for auction anymore are ones with 4s and zeros

715 USD, 225 USD, 225 USD, 235 USD  Again the heard of 4L net chips stays close together.

Usually more of these at auction. Oh boy, are the becoming scarce?  Let’s give it a few weeks before we get too excited yet  The double J moves it into the $100 plus category

? I would have thought,,, and  A lot of people on Namepros said these would be the next to move.  Its looking like they are right.  They are moving

?   I imagine now that pot is legal that these are pretty popular

250 USD Ah Denver the Sunshine State, Denver, Gorgeous, Gorgeous  Some people believe that bitcoin isn’t the future but the blockchain could be

110 USD   In case you feel is the next mover


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   Getting pretty close to reserve.  This is the type of name that seems to be rising lately

No Winner   Can’t get much short and more rare than a

Unsold at 5K   18 years ago.  I was curious to see how seller was going to describe this one or its use.  Doesn’t.  Just says its a premium, high resale value.  He’s not exactly wrong

Unsold at $6500  Actually getting some pretty good bids.  But not pronounceable as seller points out

Unsold   Might get a good deal compared to Godaddy if reserve is low enough

Unsold  I didn’t see this one getting so many, and such high bids.  Blogs are still cool. Even in Germany

Make offer  This flew by the reserve. are on an amazing run

3450 USD  The 5000 visits per month have to be the real drive after the thing

1611 USD


NameJet Results $3,300 2/26/2016 $3,664 2/26/2016 $3,310 2/26/2016 2/26/2016 $435 2/26/2016 $79 2/26/2016 2/26/2016 $2,400 2/26/2016 $3,000 2/26/2016 $3,000 2/26/2016 2/26/2016 $4,300 2/26/2016 $2,089 2/26/2016 $0 2/26/2016 $2,500 2/26/2016 $900 2/25/2016 2/25/2016 $2,100 2/25/2016 2/25/2016 $1,010 2/25/2016 2/25/2016 2/25/2016 $3,737 2/25/2016 $26,500 2/25/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:2d 12h High Bid:$2,400 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$1,450 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$99 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$870 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$612 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$611 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$5,000 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$82 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$302 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$110 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$269 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$200 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$1,200 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$760 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$84 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$1,100 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$36,200 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$454 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$1,609 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$4,500 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$2,500 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$2,700 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$210 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$71 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$1,800


  Recap Quick Overview

rangemark.com227 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
mxp.net3,270 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
wasak.com338 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
dnspace.com810 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
tpoc.com555 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
oiin.com500 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
ucmz.com321 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
yoyj.com350 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
rxfu.com382 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
yect.com565 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
owdo.com392 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
ewju.com306 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
uith.com317 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
liwn.com353 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
nczv.com310 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
tpoc.com555 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
uhet.com336 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
keepmore.com505 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
yogawater.com607 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
gbql.com2003 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
gblq.com2003 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
gbqr.com2003 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
gbqk.com2003 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
nyn.biz354 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
74596.com715 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
lpfn.net225 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
fphq.net225 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
fxdz.net235 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
milehightours.com250 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
vblockchain.com110 USD02/25/16GoDaddy
hbf.net3450 USD02/25/16Sedo
ufox.com1611 USD02/25/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,025.00 2/25/2016 GoDaddy $1,900.00 2/25/2016 Sedo $2,100.00 2/25/2016 NameJet $2,200.00 2/25/2016 NameJet $2,003.00 2/25/2016 GoDaddy $2,003.00 2/25/2016 GoDaddy $1,900.00 2/25/2016 Sedo $2,003.00 2/25/2016 GoDaddy $2,003.00 2/25/2016 GoDaddy
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