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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 26th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Today I got one of those facebook alerts from some domain group that I subscribed to, who knows when. I usually ignore them because most of the time it’s someone selling crap that I wouldn’t even hand reg. (believe it or not Shane) They usually say “Ultra Super Premium Rare Domain” or something like that.

Today’s message wasn’t one of the above, but it was a list of domains for sale on a weebly subdomain. Nothing against weebly and their free hosting service, but if you’re selling domains on a site you’ve built, why wouldn’t you use your own domain?

It’s like all the sales spam emails that you get from people claiming to be Domain Brokers. I’m not talking about the Chinese, but the actual word domains. If you’re going to spend the time to sell domains via outbound emails, don’t use a gmail account. I can’t take you seriously as a broker selling domains when you haven’t taken the time to use one of the things you’re selling.

I mean seriously how does that negotiation go? “I think this domain would be a great fit for your business, helping you establish a unique identity and brand on the web” lol. If you’re going to try and hustle domains, get yourself a real website, take one of the domains you own, brand it and set up an email account.

Here’s a little trick for easy email access. Set your email up through your hosting account, and then add the email to your gmail so that you can easily manage it. It doesn’t cost anything and you can add up to 5 emails to any gmail account. Otherwise you have to pay for the service or you have to log into somewhere else to get the email. You can send and receive emails from your main gmail dashboard from any of the email addresses you have connected.


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,933.25  1996 Birthdate.  And I think I bought my speakers there in 1996. Getting big bids

? Speaker City, Vince Vaughn’s company from “Old School”  I would think this is a bigger market that $20.  The current price

205 USD Seems like it’s worth more, Vape is a big word, it was the word of the year two years ago and then add Marijuana which is bigger. 19 years old.  Great name for a film blog.  Doesn’t sound as official as mine though. BoxOfficeWeekly.  But this one is under $50 at press time

505 USD a bunch a movie geeks sitting around discussing movies.    I think its a top end name. 18 year old

1,800 USD It’s exactly a top end name, it even says so.    One of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is in the mirror.  No bidders at $12

? Mindset, overcoming negative feelings even if the person staring at you in the mirror is a douche.   Undoubtedly going to be used for a NY business at some point.   But always have a few K value as a CHiP alone

2 Days left    Not sure a Fire Department is going to pay a lot of money for a domain but its a CHiP and HK for Hong Kong is not going to hurt

2 Days left  Hong Hong Fire Dept is probably pretty big. It has over 10K employees, and responded to over 70K fire calls in 2014, and 740k ambulance calls. They operate 590 firefighting vehicles, 21 firefighting vessels and 369 ambulances. are very hot right now.  And three 7s and a 8 is going to be as hot as it gets

2 days left  No bidders at $12.  I think you could way worse of a name for $12

?   No bidders.   Too bad there’s not endless listening

? Well Shane you’re in luck, it’s available for hand reg,    11 years old.  For 11 years nobody was scared of the Z.    Almost over $2300.  Is that bad?  People keep showing me Chaomi charts showing how bad it is.  Any of you ever bought at Chaomi?  Didn’t think so

2,275 USD I’ve bought fried rice before as Chaomi88 and #1 Chinese. The kids are always there doing their homework at the first table.  The Z here isn’t doing quite as well

2,014 USD The Z is the trendy S     This one is using the dot co correctly.   Agility Company

334 USD Once we’ve made or consider a TLD “generic” or multi purpose, I don’t think we need to span the dot any more. It’s nice if we do, but not necessary.   The only non CHiP today which is unusual

325 USD Looks like Hack, P. Hack People. It’s talking about Dexter.  I have purchased about 50  and have paid $100 to $125 each.  Still buying if you have any

?, 226 USD, 186 USD, 177 USD, 206 USD, 172 USD   172 USD

Probably the best group of LLLL.nets I’ve had in a month or so   Fantastic two character .cc   A good asset whether you think so or not

6 days left   You have to admit its memorable.  I’d take this over most

310 USD That’s probably one of the top 5% of 6n’s in any extension.  Sounds like the most boring place to visit in the world.  Unless you are a cat

140 USD I have no idea what this is or why it sold.  Only putting it here because its triple repeating and at $12

? Good letters too. Also like I said a couple of days ago, there’s been 30’s everyday at Pheenix with bids of $59. I imagine whoever’s buying them for $59 would snag this one up for more.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   21 years old.  The domain owner says it gets more inquiries than any domain he owns.  I guess the value of that is based on how good his other names are

No Winner  Damn, even with the hyphen its a great name. Price says others agree

?   As good of a name as Flippa has had this year. Even as a dot net

3 Days left at $53K  Webcorp putting some fantastic names up.  Not sure if any will make reserve but they are fun to watch

3 days left at $30k    In some cultures its a norm.  I prefer the term “negotiate”

1,600 USD



  Recap Quick Overview

vapemarijuana.com205 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
filmgeeks.com505 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
topend.com1,800 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
wztm.com2,275 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
bgzd.com2,014 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
agility.co334 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
haqp.com325 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
sdww.net226 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
nxzz.net186 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
hhcs.net177 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
cnhc.net206 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
bnjx.net172 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
hkgt.net172 USD03/25/16Go
654321.co310 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
yarngarage.com140 USD03/25/16GoDaddy
haggled.com1,600 USD03/25/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,700.00 3/25/2016 NameJet $1,744.00 3/25/2016 NameJet $2,275.00 3/25/2016 GoDaddy $2,014.00 3/25/2016 GoDaddy
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