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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 30th of January

Auction Quick Recap

I spent the day today (while at work) trying to better sort my domains so I know what I have, where they’re at and to easily find what I’m looking for. Right now I’m just using spread sheets, labeling different sheets with different categories and sub niches. I might eventually use a program maybe like Efty or something. At least by sorting them now it should make it easier to transition  into a system.

I’m horrible at organizing my domains. I’ve started organizing several times, but I never keep up with it. I really need a solution that’s idiot proof and quick. If anyone has any experience or tips with different domain organization systems leave a comment below or email me. Maybe I’ll do an article on different approaches if I find enough content.

dsad 01/30 auction recap meme

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,188.71 Seriously, Look at those awesome 6’s Bid is only at $6 each 20 years ago. What a perfect name for online education.  Big name

1,625 USD Wasn’t this a whole as seen on tv series of computer videos? It seems familiar  You know this one is going to be purchased eventually by a company of this name. But will you want to hold and wait?

? Is it Declarative or or a thing like Modern works, Works or Art  At least its a word we all know.  One bidder at $12

306 USD It’s a stretch to find something that’s a good fit for this name. Speech therapy? Tribute site to Boomhower?  The zip for Pearl City, LA   But probably more value as a regular old

999 USD Decent price  13 years old and no bidders. Good play on words for $12

106 USD, sold for 2K in 2012.  I think I took my car there to get the salt off (For all you Cali and Florida people we put salt on the roads here to melt ice)

307 USD Lots and lots of it. More everyday, everynight the melting snow refreezes on the road.  This CHiP has a Q for Quality

?  Most bids on the board today.  May hit 4 figures

830 USD Nice work city code 4L .net  I guess if you’re going to get in the 7N club you might as well get in with 4 of a kind

512 USD 6, 7, 8, they’re all about the same length right? Wait did he say’s?  Another on sale using the coupon code “hasazero”

1250 USD  That 0 right in the middle is a good divider for the domain. Makes if into 2 nice halves… Don’t buy off of that, I have know Idea if that helps or not.

And today’s special is brazened Chilean Sea Bass and all you can eat LLLL.nets below, 225 USD, 220 USD, 225 USD, 220 USD, 220 USD

Sounds delicious.   4 at the left is better than finishing with the dreaded number

965 USD  At $500 at press time

918 USD   I put these up here mostly because I am watching this market closely. I am buying in for a few K to have some exposure to the 6N market.  I try and diversify so I have a little invested in all the markets and I am a little late to this one.  Still think it has legs. But I guess that’s obvious or I wouldn’t be a buyer here

255 USD It does seem to have legs and is walking up the hill.  Also a buyer here for a small amount.  Got some early but need another 10 to 15 to fill my LLNN slots

87 USD, 27 USD, 17 USD  It was going so well until that zero showed up

82 USD  Worth so much more than the $30 bid.  Every kid eventually has to read.  Sometimes they have to go to “Super 2nd grade” aka repeat 2nd grade so that they can catch up to the other kids.

698 USD a few people saw the potential as well.   CC Chip.  These have really moved up lately

65 USD  These really never took off

12 USD,  They did, for like a day, then it backed off.  Missed this on the first run.  Nice 6N

237 USD    f’n 4.   Its like Cilantro.  Ruins everything

56 USD That’s ridiculous. The 8’s alone will bring that up in the long run, even on the left. Cilantro is the taste of summer, it’s delicious and refreshing. Why do you hate summer? $325 in november  Found one more at the bottom of the list. These aren’t getting bids until the last day so they are staying at $12 and off my radar.    Too many bidders nowadays though. 99% of good names get found.  If you think you are finding good ones you probably aren’t

255 USD  

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  18 years old.  Great tracking app, travel name but plenty of other uses

Says the page I’m looking for doesn’t exist. Since it’s an org I envision it as a site set up by a foundation that wants to welcome aliens.  A 88 anywhere in a 6N that has no 4s or zeros is a great name

Ended without a winner  I like the pattern of this but I hate to see the domain as the username. Means they love the domain a lot

No Winner  IMO deserves a lot more love than its getting. Great brand

No Winner at 2750 USD.


NameJet Action Time Left:18h 50m High Bid:$1,605 Time Left:18h 51m High Bid:$510 Time Left:19h 14m High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:19h 15m High Bid:$1,600 Time Left:19h 16m High Bid:$640 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$75 Time Left:2d 18h High Bid:$265 Time Left:2d 19h High Bid:$2,400 Time Left:2d 19h High Bid:$400 Time Left:2d 19h High Bid:$5,000 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$1,200 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$9,900 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$170 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$71 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$71 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$398 Time Left:2d 20h High Bid:$27,200

  Recap Quick Overview

videoprofessor.com1,625 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
mumbled.com306 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
streamqueen.com106 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
brightwash.com307 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
sygq.com2,180 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
shhf.net830 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
8888762.com512 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
zssw.net225 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
yqcs.net220 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
dbpb.net225 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
tnmb.net220 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
twzn.net220 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
45758.com965 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
19914.com918 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
275758.com255 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
littlereaders.com698 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
833638.com237 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
779578.com255 USD01/29/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,000.00 1/29/2016 GoDaddy $1,791.00 1/29/2016 GoDaddy $3,200.00 1/29/2016 NameJet $2,180.00 1/29/2016 GoDaddy $2,100.00 1/29/2016 DropCatch $2,000.00 1/29/2016 Sedo $2,050.00 1/29/2016 Sedo
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  1. Organization of your Domain Name portfolio is the #1 element to being a successful Domainer. I have shrunk my portfolio from hundreds of domains down to right around 100, and its still tough. You also have to make sure you point ALL of your domains to something that is related. I point all of mine to either a Clickbank product or an Amazon product. You need a good spreadsheet that has purchase price, age, and columns for potential end-users and save all email inquires for each Domain. A massive post could be written just on the topic of organization! This is like Real Estate, you have to keep track of all of your Investment Properties! -Mike Maillet (Toronto, Canada)

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