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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 4th & 5th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Two in one deal today: All that snow we got is almost gone after several different rain storms and warmer than normal weather. Apparently there’s more snow in the forecast, but that small rodent known as Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring. The little brown fur ball did not see his shadow, predicting only 4 more weeks of winter. But we all know this works, thanks to Bill Murray. Great movie.

Happy Friday to everyone, have a safe and relaxing Weekend. I’ll be at work for 48 hours straight. auction recap for the 4th and 5th of feb

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,580.38   I worked in a carbon steel tube factory.  A ton of dirty oily money in that business. 17 years old and I think it makes a good brand on its own

? I think everyone should work in a factory for at least 6 months before they get any other job. Working in a factory will give you a good perspective on life, and make just about every other job in the world seem awesome. Don’t misunderstand, there are a lot of great jobs in production and manufacturing,  there are also a lot of horrible meaningless and monotonous factory jobs. During college I worked as a Machine operator at one of the largest Plastic extrusion lid plants in the country. Lid as in coffee cup plastic lid. I remember that job every time I get disgruntled at work.  My job wasn’t even that bad, I made sure the line was running and the Packer/inspectors were able to do there job without moving off the line. That is the worst job in the world. Standing in front of a trim press for 8 hours at a time, sorting through 10K lids an hour, running them through a bagger and then boxing them.  This one is over $1200.  Not sure why its so expensive.  Has some backlinks and a PR 4.  Faulkner was a murdered policeman

2,170 USD. I don’t know either. Are PBN’s Strong again? 17 years old.  I can think of a few good uses for this memorable domain

282 USD It’s a site that sells scraps with Buy it Now prices.  Millions of teens around the world are looking to spend money on acne treatments

2,025 USD, Easier to spell and say than Dermatologist.  Sounds like a Doug Henning T-Shirt

1,524 USD It must have traffic, I think it could be a good brand but I don’t think it’s 1500 auction good. Funny brand for $12.  Resale value is obviously questionable

Unless you manufacture and sell “the thingy”. I think it would be a good name for one of those weird shops that sell obscure things that everyone likes but can’t remember the name.   I am not a buyer but glad to see any numeric getting bids like this. I like liquidity, wherever it’s at

740 USD Pretty good there .info. You were a late bloomer, but now you’re primed to spread numeric information.  I hope this gets purchased by a small independent.  Gets 1500 visits per month

1,280 USD Or a store that sells big boxes, that would be great.  The nice version of Canada

1,280 USD, It’s probably a triple pin, I don’t see any other whole reason. It’s a good brandable but… Apparently it’s a mix of New Zealand and Canada. Kiwi’s Eh?,

290 USD  Artificial Intelligence Virtual Gardener. Seems like a name shane would like.   There are a lot of lower end LLLL.coms on the board today.  Buy a boat and let the water rise.  Or something like that

611 USD Maybe Sr is Standard Reality.  No bidders at $12 on this fitness domain

? A good name for an app or a strength training blog  Fun brand.  Or just an anti-breastfeeding campaign.  One bidder at $12

Or a Pro Breastfeeding campaign. It would highlight criminals and murderers that were bottlefed. The tagline would be You sure you want to do this?   There is a group of premium LLL.ccs today.  I think they are good investments. But don’t listen to me or you’ll go broke and have to start working at China King refilling the little magazines that show local real estate for sale

3,100 USD I would work at a China King that had Crab Legs.  This isn’t one of them.  But still a very nice name

461 USD These CC words seem to be getting good prices now. You could hand register some good ones last year.  One of the better you can buy.  Actually it is THE

9,314 USD That’s the price of patterns   And one more

12,767 USD R’s take the win, against ironically by a margin over 3k.  Super Starts, ends, and filled with 8s

1,632 USD  Lots of 8’s get’s it done.   Zero for the discount, 66 for the win

1,553 USD  Still better than I expected with the leading zero. The Chinese are going to eat this up.  Or a middle aged man from the Midwest. One of the two will

6,239 USD Looks like a few hungry people tried to eat it at the same time and pushed it over 6K  You can get a lot of traffic with a Gif site.  No money but tons of traffic

2,379 USD Here’s a combination 3L/word,  You can’t deny that with all kinds of TLD’s coming out having a 2 letter TLD makes it nice and helps keep the names simple.  Not anywhere near the price of the triple repeaters but hanging in there

2,070 USD This name was bought because it means


  • A) A common file extension for HTML files.
  • B) Hardware transactional memory, the hardware implementation of a control mechanism for controlling access to shared memory  Lots of fours.  Lower end of the market but the 8 keeps it off the bottom

950 USD The more 4’s the better, 201 USD, 216 USD, 216 USD  206 USD

A little something for all you buyers  Worth $100 as an email IMO

502 USD, He can set up 5 emails now at that value.   Dot org is ehh, but like the keywords

1,525 USD, Had to be traffic and BL’s involved. But the Org isn’t horrible for this name.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Love this one.  Such a pleasant name.

Unsold  Repeating Ps.  Flippa has had some of the lower sales in CHiPs, which is good for one side of the transaction

2000 USD 18 years old.    Perfect journalist blog or website.  The listing and I have the same amount of description

Unsold  8 months old and at $800.  Gotta love domain investing

925 USD  Absolutely my sixth favorite element.  Especially when you cubic it.  Saves me tens of thousands

4,938 USD Someone is selling their elements. I wonder if they have the whole periodic table?   One of my least favorite chemical element.  Every time I breath it I feel like I’m going to die

2,076 USD. That’s because it will kill you. That feeling of impending death is real, don’t breath it in.  I love this element.  Especially when its made into those chocolate eggs. edit  I’ve been told that’s Cadbury

4,700 USD Maybe Cadbury mixes this soft metal into the middle of those delicious chocolate creme filled eggs. I was the high bidder 7 days ago which is like leading the marathon at mile 2.  18 years old

461 USD Nice name.  Religion, castles, or lions

3,850 USD, The name or partial name to several movies  One bidder at $12. I thought it was a good name for somebody that liked Y

220 USD This should come in the set with  12 years old.  Pretty old for a dot biz.  Its been around that long but most people started dropping heavily a few years ago.  Three figures already

272 USD Mr Q, sounds like a Bond Character.  Getting a great bid.  The triple patterns continue to astonish.  Somebody doesn’t think these are going down anytime soon.  I believe I will be a bidder…..maybe

3,027 USD awesome  Less and less people use faxes everyday but they need a service to transition.  Good name for it

1,742 USD I didn’t think the Fax machine still existed, except maybe in museums or backwoods communities. Places with no internet that still use the telegraph.  Let’s just move quickly past the 4

918 USD  If you are going to do the 10% rule that most of the other LLLL.nets are selling at then this absolutely should be over $1000.  If it’s not I am going to think about buying it.  Or I am going short on the rest of the LLLL.nets. Except I own none so that might be difficult

511 USD yeah… that is a heck of a deal. This confuses me, random BS’s have been going for over 10% while good patterns way under 10%.  I get it.  Not sure I want a ghetto cloud service though

566 USD It’s probably better than GhettoCloud, which would probably be spelled GhettoKlizoud, 225 USD, 216 USD  

A few more LLLL.nets  Level 3  I may release the Domain Shane Level guide some time.  It’s eternal for now,

205 USD   I can’t believe it but I am looking hard at this one.  Don’t own one single but hard to look past this special pattern

333 USD It’s magical.  There are people putting triple repeating portfolios together

142 USD Triple B with a Wang. I Guarantee you Godaddy will auto reject this for auctions, if it’s not an expiring auction, as a trademark violation.  Ok Guarantee is “strong” but if they do, respond and tell them that it’s ridiculous and they should fix it.

Special Doma in Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  We are going to talk extensively about dot LY on DomainSherpa Monday.  This works fairly well with ly

Unsold at 2500 That seems like a good LY price that was reached., 209 USD, 209 USD  

and 209 USD  They say the website is making $900 plus a month.  Due Diligence

Unsold at 8k   The word Sell goes pretty well with any tld

Unsold at 6K   Credit not greeting

Unsold 4444 I agree that this is a solid review site.  Give stuff away in exchange for honest feedback.  Not a very new concept I guess

1999 USD  That o in orlando is actually a zero.  Should take this down.  Confusing and I think seller is trying to deceive.  They even try to remove a comment asking if it was a ZERO.  I hate this type of stuff

45 USD  Yeah this is a terrible name.


NameJet Action Time Left:21h 27m High Bid:$760 Time Left:21h 50m High Bid:$3,007 Time Left:21h 51m High Bid:$3,007 Time Left:21h 52m High Bid:$3,007 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$200 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$2,222 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$112 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$99 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$100 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$110 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$111

NameJet Results 2/4/2016 $562 2/4/2016 $222 2/4/2016 $69 2/4/2016 2/4/2016 2/4/2016 $28,200 2/4/2016 2/4/2016 $160 2/4/2016 $1,515 2/4/2016 2/3/2016 $51,772 2/3/2016 $1,550 2/3/2016 $69 2/3/2016 $492 2/3/2016 $100 2/3/2016 $100 2/3/2016 2/3/2016 2/3/2016 2/3/2016 $395 2/3/2016 $2,047 2/3/2016 $678 2/3/2016

  Recap Quick Overview

danielfaulkner.com2,170 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
scrapbin.com282 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
acnedoctor.com2,025 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
lifeismagic.com1,524 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
583.info740 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
bigboxstore.com1,280 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
zanada.com1,280 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
aivg.com290 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
sroz.com611 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
dns.cc3,100 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
call.cc461 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
lll.cc9,314 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
rrr.cc12,767 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
818858.com1,632 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
03166.com1,553 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
wxwz.com6,239 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
gif.cc2,379 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
htm.cc2,070 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
84244.com950 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
btdh.net216 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
dkfr.net201 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
btdh.net216 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
ftsg.net216 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
qwxc.net206 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
jason.cc502 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
petcareservices.org1,525 USD02/03/16GoDaddy
pfpd.com2000 USD02/04/16Flippa
8886988.com925 USD02/04/16Flippa
downtonabbey.com2,999 USD02/04/16Flippa
zirconium.com4,938 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
fluorine.com2,076 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
cadmium.com4,700 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
greathands.com461 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
thekingdom.com3,850 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
ynames.com220 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
mrq.biz272 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
767999.com3,027 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
fax.cc1,742 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
14255.com918 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
cmcm.net511 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
dacloud.com566 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
rgjj.net225 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
mlpg.net216 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
819159.com205 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
7778881.com333 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
bbbdw.com142 USD02/04/16GoDaddy
JSDJ.net209 USD02/04/16Sedo
NYLD.net209 USD02/04/16Sedo
RRPD.net209 USD02/04/16Sedo
Trialed.com1999 USD02/04/16Flippa
0rlandoFlorida.com45 USD02/04/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,000.00 2/4/2016 Flippa $1,900.00 2/4/2016 Sedo $2,107.00 2/3/2016 NameJet $2,047.00 2/3/2016 NameJet $2,400.00 2/3/2016 NameJet $1,950.00 2/3/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 2/3/2016 NameJet $6,239.00 2/3/2016 GoDaddy
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