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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 6th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

They said No 4 No 0 over and over, Did anyone ever talk about pattern overcoming that? 🙂 Here’s some 6n sales from or as I like to call it  I’ll try and keep the Chinese Spam to a minimum, lol, while I’m in denial that the whole Chinese market has left. Just packed up and moved on to trading Pokemon Cards. Some idiots are still buying these Chinese domains, what a bunch of losers.

If you don’t know what I’m alluding too, read the comments from Travis’s post yesterday. While it’s easy to get angry at stupidity, I actually started laughing. Feel free to leave negative comments here as well. Add your picture if possible, so I can do funny things with it and we can all have a good laugh. I can make funny videos with your picture too if you want. 1,144 USD 4/5/2016 4.CN 1,067 USD 4/5/2016 4.CN 238 USD 4/3/2016 4.CN 1,033 USD 3/30/2016 4.CN 463 USD 3/30/2016 4.CN 5,546 USD 3/23/2016 4.CN 4,930 USD 3/23/2016 4.CN 169 USD 3/15/2016 4.CN 187 USD 3/14/2016 4.CN 133 USD 3/14/2016 4.CN 2,519 USD 3/2/2016 4.CN 150 USD 3/2/2016 4.CN 1,307 USD 2/27/2016 4.CN 176 USD 2/23/2016 4.CN 494 USD 2/21/2016 4.CN 284 USD 2/20/2016 4.CN 721 USD 2/19/2016 4.CN


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,662.71

Shoot we’re only up about $1200 from this time last year. Good thing they give you a whole year for $8.

Last Years Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $388.64 $208.00 4/1/2015 DropCatch $198.00 4/1/2015 DropCatch $1,200.00 4/1/2015 NameJet $225.00 4/1/2015 NameJet $145.00 4/1/2015 GoDaddy $156.00 4/1/2015 GoDaddy $1,058.00 3/31/2015 DropCatch $181.00 3/31/2015 NameJet $230.00 3/31/2015 NameJet $155.00 3/31/2015 GoDaddy $335.00 3/31/2015 GoDaddy $340.00 3/31/2015 GoDaddy $525.00 3/30/2015 Flippa $459.00 3/30/2015 DropCatch $620.00 3/30/2015 NameJet $179.00 3/30/2015 NameJet $128.00 3/30/2015 GoDaddy $201.00 3/30/2015 GoDaddy $176.00 3/30/2015 GoDaddy $165.00 3/30/2015 GoDaddy $1,210.00 3/30/2015 NameJet $310.00 3/30/2015 NameJet $270.00 3/29/2015 DropCatch $797.00 3/29/2015 DropCatch $245.00 3/29/2015 NameJet  What ever happened to her.  Ellen dumped her and she fell off the face off the earth.  17 years old PR 3 and actually getting some bids

358 USD I think she took a ride on the Crazy Train, All aboard! No bidders and there are a lot of places named the pie house.  And there will be more down the road

700 USD I’ve never heard of a Pie House, Makes me think of Animal House and the Greek letter Pi    I feel like Apple will sue me if I buy this but still worth considering

?  I think does a fantastic job and no need for another but IF there was this is a pretty good name.  One bidder at $12

? I can see this as a real estate closing company or something like that that normally works offline.   There are a lot of apps with this.  Good name for a similar site

611 USD, Great name, there are a lot of these apps. The “Live” gets rid of any confusion that the app is for scanning radio feeds and traffic and not documents. There’s a few large sites like radioreference that do this, Live Scanner is a better name.  Old marketing company that did a few illegal things and shut down.  Left you some backlinks.  Quite a few bidders

615 USD  This is a male Mermaid   Kind of pronounceable. I’m sure the seller will try and call it that.  Current bid is valuing it as a

?   Getting a great price like CVCV used to get a few years ago

37,500 USD A bolt of lightning! I said a bolt of lightning! The only correlation that quote has to this name is the instant need to repeat the price out loud.   Man.  I forget how high have risen

2,285 USD Have Fun Grandma, Chinese company that makes shuffleboard accessories.   A is not too far behind in price

3,051 USD and it passed the LLL  Even with the V I think its a pretty good acronym

?   I wouldn’t say love but I do like it

? If you missed this one, is available 196 USD  147 USD

I have to admit.  I have no idea what a regular old CHiP is worth right now.

Who knows what regular old is? There’s some really high Pattern prices on 4cn with 4’s and 0’s   I am a buyer here.  But I’ll contact you don’t contact me

120 USD, 147 USD  165 USD   180 USD

Here’s your little snack of LLLL.nets   One bidder at $12.  Worth owning under $20 IMO

Still going for $59 on Pheenix.  I actually bought some of this for work but didn’t think the price would get this high

1,525 USD Yeah I’m surprised that’s a pretty specific keyword domain, and I thought we weren’t doing keywords anymore?     I don’t know that “Nice” makes anyone feel their data is secure but its getting bids so somebody likes the name

680 USD Damn Cloud speculators. I tried finding anything plus cloud, even went negatice,, are all taken. is available.   I love how the seller explains the rise in their value.  The buyer will probably know this info

Unsold  And this description has the old we bought it to develop it but haven’t so we have to let go of this prized possession.  Ever heard that one before?   Still a nice name


  Recap Quick Overview

anneheche.com358 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
piehouse.com700 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
livescanner.com611 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
murgent.com615 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
zeku.com37,500 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
hfg.cc2,285 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
s5.cc3,051 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
836399.com196 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
196889.com147 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
yxzc.cc120 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
jbmy.net147 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
fmbf.net165 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
prff.net180 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
fabricpaint.com1,525 USD04/05/16GoDaddy
nicecloud.com680 USD04/05/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,510.00 4/5/2016 NameJet $1,910.00 4/5/2016 NameJet $1,300.00 4/5/2016 Flippa $1,499.00 4/5/2016 NameJet $2,110.00 4/5/2016 NameJet $1,700.00 4/5/2016 NameJet $1,610.00 4/5/2016 NameJet
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