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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 6th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,301.60

dsad auction recap feb 6 2015   20 years old and pretty strong letters.  May hit $2K

? Listed as BIN  Now THIS is a  Going to kill it at auction with those letters

3,150 USD Chinese Wang Pong, Online ping pong league   Jewel in Spanish.  Beautiful

18,000 USD Sounds like a great brand  Some of the best stories I’ve ever been told have been ruined by facts

510 USD a type of site. Facts are always getting in the way confusing people. Not sure if you’re doing keywords yet in dot CC but this has no bids at $12

? I don’t think we’re ready for this type of CC. Nouns are doing better.   No bidders at $12.  16 years old. Sounds like a very helpful place

283 USD A clinic that will help you. Makes sense and you know what it is.  Domain mission accomplished. I like words.  Just don’t see very man come up for sale.  I’ve actually seen more dot coms than dot org

1,691 USD wow, I may have undersold one of these last week…  Worst……….email………….ever

? Good name for a Chinese Salon, is that where you get waxed? I have no idea what they’re called.  2,000 visit a month and at $2000…..or almost

5,125 USD Fun brandable, $5k for the traffic  I just hope they can get the furniture out of her

230 USD That’s a good point Shane, Furniture inside her isn’t very useful, unless you buy her too. Maybe it’s a package deal, the furniture and her.  Was a company, now its not.  Got absorbed by AT&T.  Lots of backlinks are page rank

3,383 USD I don’t know what you do with this for the price, So it has a lot of backlinks. I feel like any seo play on this will get noticed. Since you’re probably not going to recreated the company AllTel.  By lawyer I mean boobs

I can see it as a site. Build it out then sell the domain.  The 666 is nice.  And 312 is the area code for Chicago. Which has nothing to do with anything. Just showing my incredible knowledge of area codes

766 USD Looks like the area code of Hell to me.   The 555 is almost as nice.   Houston

698 USD I’ve been to Houston, similiar to the above name. Hot and Muggy. , 416 USD, 555 USD, 401 USD

and   229 USD  

For all you buyers   8 another number, then 8 then another number, then 8 then that same number.   And that’s a good thing

438 USD Nice pattern, good price.   Two 98s.  I think it goes for more than $298

356 USD  One of the better in the last few week.  Sounds like a model Drone I need to order

710 USD, Seems like a good deal on this one.   Another nice  A few nice ones today

285 USD   Could be an app or something you put in the van to track that employee that delivers your product but seems to take 3 times longer than you think he should and it turns out he’s waiting each day for the “Hot” sign to start flashing and get some Krispy Kremes

470 USD You could use the app on your significant other.. See if they’re taking 3 times as long at a Hot sign in a residential area with no Krispy Kreme attached to it. Why buy one .wine when you can have every wine

405 USD How many are there?  The market continues to grow

? I should buy some of these.   You know why you won?

255 USD Because…. Yes it’s available.  

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Under $2K at press time

2,105 USD Made it over the hump.  Getting a good bid.   The base prices for the non 4 and zero is rising every day.  I hate to say it because I need a few more but for some reason everyone wants to charge me a little extra

465 USD This name took a hit. Sold for $800ish in Dec according to   Very nice name.  I imagine this isn’t going to make reserve based on the high BIN

No Winner  The dot com sells for $200K and this one is under the price of a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings

Unsold  One bid at $12.  My daughter watches vines all night.  Not sure how Twitter would feel about the domain but it won’t matter. Looking like they are going to fold soon anyway based on their stock price

No Winner


NameJet Action Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$200 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$2,322 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$112 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$99 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$199 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$930 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$210 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$150 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$100 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$130 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$130 Time Left:2d 16h High Bid:$130

  Recap Quick Overview

cwp.net3,150 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
joya.com18,000 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
getfacts.com510 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
helpclinic.com283 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
1789.org1,691 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
fixie.com5,125 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
furnitureinsider.com230 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
alltelwireless.com3,383 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
666312.com766 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
555281.com698 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
nujd.com416 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
gypu.com555 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
irzm.com401 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
sfqh.net229 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
818383.com438 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
298798.com356 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
c9x.com710 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
781182.com285 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
routetracker.com470 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
everywine.com405 USD02/05/16GoDaddy
iletyou.com255 USD02/05/14GoDaddy
ckwg.com2,105 USD02/05/14Sedo
181119.com465 USD02/05/14Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,600.00 2/5/2016 NameJet $2,701.00 2/5/2016 NameJet $2,200.00 2/5/2016 NameJet $1,902.00 2/5/2016 Sedo $2,105.00 2/5/2016 Sedo
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