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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 6th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,069.40

Auction Quick Recap

I hesitate to even talk about this, but what the heck, why not. I think that most discussion on any topic has value. Through dialogue we learn things about others and ourselves, both good and bad. We can evaluate character to a certain degree through both spoken and written word. We can encourage, discourage, motivate, or hinder through communication. It’s beneficial to understand the other person’s point of view, not because you need to agree with them, but rather to enlighten us as to their intent, motives and biases.  Understanding why someone is saying something or why they have a certain viewpoint is invaluable.


When I say that “most” discussion has value it infers that some has no value or perhaps value that’s not readily apparent. When we discount something right away, maybe because the person is just f-ing irritating, we might miss something important. The things we might miss are not necessarily in what they’re saying but maybe in what they’re not saying or possibly in their motives for saying things that are illogical.


Ok, so these points are just my general thought process in reading or participating in any sort of discussion, and not indicative of my following thoughts. Just thoughts, not facts, I could wake up tomorrow, have an epiphany, sit bolt upright and realize that my thoughts were total crap.


I can’t help but look at bubble and manipulation talk and think that the only manipulators that I see are those screaming doom and gloom at the top of their lungs. There’s no better way to shake prices up than to instill fear in a group of people that are listening and trying to learn. Any market relies to a certain degree on confidence. Trying to shake market confidence, like it’s your job, might make you the problem, not just a doomsday Prophet. If I was a shrewd, unethical manipulator there would be no better way for me to reap the benefits of fear over and over again. I would buy during the peak of fear, stop talking while waiting for the price to rise, sell and then try and scare the shit out of everyone again.


This seems like a fundamental of any buyer’s negotiation. Watch American Pickers or Pawn Stars, when they’re negotiating the price they don’t praise the object. Instead they look for flaws they tell the seller about the flaws, they present  evidence for the flaws in order to get a better price. When they go to sell the object, I imagine that the flaws are minimized, not talked about or never existed in the first place.


The comparison to the housing bubble is just plain ludicrous. Every time I hear someone talk about the housing bubble and compare it to domains, it makes me want to punch babies in the face. (that is not true and a horrible joke) I bought rentals in 2005 after I got back from Iraq so I had a little bit of money. (I was not a soldier, just a contractor)


The banks were setting money on fire. I paid cash and used a credit card for the first house I bought, it was a HUD foreclosure. I went to my bank a week later to open an equity line since there was no lean on the house at all. They asked what it was worth, I told them a number well over double what I had paid for it the previous week. A random number that I thought it might be worth after a tiny bit of work. They gave me an equity line at prime of 85% LTV. So I bought a house and got almost triple spendable equity in 2 weeks total with closing.


Then I did it again. Appraisers appraised to contract, banks gave money to me and anyone who wanted it. Don’t have a debt to income ratio that works? Who cares here’s some money. There were numerous factors and politics involved in the housing bubble, but It was not built on any kind of sound business principles, and it was people using other people’s money to buy the overpriced assets.


Now take a look at domains. Yes I believe that there are those trying in whatever way to make money manipulating domains and anything they can. There are fear mongers shouting at whoever will listen too, but it’s not even the same sport. No one is offering me low interest money to buy domains for inflated prices. They’re not overlooking my debt to income ratio, or credit score, because lenders don’t exist in my domain world. Anything I buy right now is based on some idea of what I think gives a domain value. Maybe this changes as we learn, but the fundamentals of short, meaning, pattern are all there.


If all my’s’s’s are worth $ nothing tomorrow I will still come out ahead. It would suck lol, but the only thing that would be lost are the profits I’ve already reaped, minus the money I’ve already spent on other things. For any manipulators to completely destroy the domain market for some sort of short term gain seems crazy and impossible. They want it to thrive. Even if they shake it up and down, they still want it to trend up.


Anyway, anyone still reading this that hasn’t fallen asleep or slit their wrists, here’s the auction results.  Sounds like a Amy Schumer joke but 8 in a short domain always means money

Ends in 3 Days 18 year old with a repeating S.  A good investment IMO

2,531 USD  17 years old.  Actually makes a pretty fun brand.  Certainly memorable.  If you name your liquor this it would probably sell well

577 USD Could be vape juice brand. Sounds like some kind of underground illegal beverage that all the kids are doing. “hey! not so loud, this Zombie Juice isn’t exactly street legal., Ok 2 pints for $100, Leave the money under that rock, You were never here.”  Just throwing this out there for you NamesCon folk. Just putting this name up here could get me at worse divorced, at best cut off for a few weeks.  Be careful.  No bidders

Hmmm seems this name was built out right after it sold. All it says is “call me next week and there’s a phone number. Looks like it’s an Ontario area code.   Plural makes it a directory but its a keyword that pays very very well

898 USD I’m surprised this didn’t go higher. There are tons of these and they spend a lots and lots of money on marketing.  16 years old.  My opinion only but the kind of pattern that is going to be worth a lot more down the road.  Of course, if you listen to me you will lose all your money and have to make a living refilling the sand in the ashtrays outside the Stratosphere

120 USD Nice one, AA BB and then the popular C at the end and   Just pointing out these types are getting bids and selling now.  What you do with that data is up to you.

Not reported.   You don’t need to buy an Chip to participate in the Chinese Bubble. Get in cheap with It’s short, can have meaning and pattern. If the damn .BIZ anything is selling for hundreds and thousands of $$$ than any crazy combination has value. IMO  Great Western letters.  Take advantage of the fact that the vowels are still behind in value.  Still has the same end user value

2248 USD and it’s pronounceable. All of these will be worthless next week, please sell them to me for $100. I’m only doing it because I have a kind heart and don’t like to see others suffer. I will bear your loss and help you salvage a little dignity with the $100.  These names always get me.  I feel like there should be another P to make it work.  Yet it always sells for a great price

1,645 USD I read it as FU Pie. Why would anyone hate pie?   The snowman always gets the money

4,617 USD. That is awesome. Almost 5K  Wow, this is going to sell for a lot of money.   Why?  Because its a name that a lot of people like and know

10,817 USD I did not know about it till now. A google kept trying to change it to Waiting or Wailing


I’m going to try something different today. Since there are so many 5N.coms today and there is not such thing as a bad I put all of them in a nice list. Easy to sort and use……………..I think  But before we get to the list I thought I would point out this gem of the group

5,877 USD 1,012 USD 628 USD 610 USD 787 USD 610 USD 1,136 USD 650 USD 630 USD 987 USD 610 USD 690 USD 895 USD 690 USD 641 USD 610 USD 690 USD 681 USD 883 USD 668 USD 717 USD 690 USD 1,186 USD 810 USD


The worst of the best. This is actually an awesome list for numerous reasons. Study these names and prices to glean tons of useful number information.   Another great Western  TM is more than Trademark

6 days to go   And this one is all Chinese.  Unless you like Zebra Kites

2128 USD  A PR6 with 300 plus backlinks.   400 plus free visits with the purchase.  Getting a good price though

2,025 USD  Almost missed this one

5,017 USD    Quality Insurance

570 USD That’s right get on up there vowels  You would have done well front running the dot biz move.  May still have time, who knows?

416 USD  Even less of these available.

335 USD  Looks long as hell but they sell.  Patterns like this do very well right now

237 USD  These are being bought very heavily right now.  Get them while you can

227 USD  Add this to your collection.  You do have a portfolio of right?

Can’t find the result, should have bought it.  And one more of these

246 USD My’s started selling about 8 months ago, after I let a bunch drop.  In case people are looking for something to fall asleep to

282 USD Sold for alot more a few years back. Maybe it’s videos for your birds to watch.  No value but just wondering if this is a bunch of judges doing porn or I’m supposed to rate.  Confusing

domain shane auction recap 01/06/16

Or it’s just a bunch of Judge fans with lots of Judge Pictures.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   Great Western acronym name.  You shouldn’t be scared of As.  They are great in English.

4 Days to go   Just saying something is Amish made makes it seem more hand made.   This website is built by Amish

13 hours to go, at $3500 RNM. The Amish can build a website in 1 day. It’s called a web frolic, look it up.   Its a website but website isn’t good enough to be competitive IMO.  But still a great name.  I do see that it’s made $4 in profit so I take back what I said about the website.  It’s obviously profitable.

12 Hours left at $1200 RNM


NameJet Results $39,210 1/5/2016 $3,800 1/5/2016 $17,600 1/5/2016 $81 1/5/2016 $130 1/5/2016 $99 1/5/2016 $69 1/5/2016 $79 1/5/2016 $6,888 1/5/2016 $2,238 1/5/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:17h 49m High Bid:$2,000 Time Left:17h 54m High Bid:$489 Time Left:17h 58m High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$25,000 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$100 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 18h High Bid:$122 Time Left:1d 18h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 18h High Bid:$210

Recap Quick Overview

sstw.com2,531 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
zombiejuice.com577 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
debtnegotiators.com898 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
hhmmc.com120 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
ebma.com2248 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
fupy.com1,645 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
8bl.com4,617 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
waijing.com10,817 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
16766.com5,877 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45066.com1,012 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
41017.com628 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45014.com610 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45018.com787 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45030.com610 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45055.com1,136 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45102.com650 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45103.com630 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45122.com987 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45140.com610 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45147.com690 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45211.com895 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45230.com690 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45231.com641 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45240.com610 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45241.com690 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45242.com681 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45244.com883 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45247.com668 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45248.com717 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45249.com690 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45255.com1,186 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
45449.com810 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
pmzk.com2128 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
navigenics.com2,025 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
11989.com5,017 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
eiqi.com570 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
ylm.biz416 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
4399.biz335 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
9881988.com237 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
z399.com227 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
d323.com246 USD01/05/16GoDaddy
birdvideos.com282 USD01/05/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 1/5/2016 Flippa $1,550.00 1/5/2016 Flippa $2,238.00 1/5/2016 NameJet $2,531.00 1/5/2016 GoDaddy $2,128.00 1/5/2016 GoDaddy
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  1. You and Shane have some crazy stuff floating around in your heads that often gets into your opening monologues. 🙂

    But it’s always interesting and/or educational and/or entertaining, so please keep firing away.

    By the way, are you 60 years old or something? Careers in Iraq, then flipping homes, then paramedic, then domainer?

    1. 🙂 thanks Aaron
      let’s say 68 to make it lucky. My back feels like that anyway , sometimes

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