Jun 12 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 10, 2016. Highest price on the board.

$2,258 People feel like they are smart if they do good things for the environment

$3,333 Sounds like a Dicker Scam site but honestly there is some value in a reputation repair company for some people

$582 5Ns are still way up from where they were 18 months ago.

$1,825 Now if anyone could just spell surveillance

$660 Can’t go wrong with a

$222 There is a movement they are just overshadowed by the conceal and carry crowd

$201 I think this is the most underpriced name on the board. Compliance is a job unto itself at many companies.

$4,400 Better name than cricket wireless

$960 Eco, enviro, it all is so hot right now

$3,050 I like low cost drugs, I just don’t want them to be actually filled with Lick a Stick Powder and rat poison. I’m willing to pay a little more for it not to have those in it

$380 This one sounds nicer in my opinion Good brand, so so fashion choice

$426 The double cc is going to have this name do well

$610 Sounds like a great place to buy a child

$156 I don’t know what it does but I do know blockchain will be the backbone of many online financial transactions The Chronic. google it Good for the side of a truck of a company that remodels homes The excuse for a lot of people. Would be a fun site Maybe worth a roll at this price

$152 Sexy brand

$135 Another one that is probably worth a $12 chance Head hunter firm Perfect name for an online mens magazine One better than 4 sale. OK maybe not much financial value but great comedy One of the few LLLL.nets that I would buy


Your LLLL.coms of The Day $257 $500

Some Cheap 6N.coms If You are Still Interested $122 $176 $317 $183 $183 $146 $120 $235 $95 – easy pattern to remember $46 – what a steal $177 $176

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO  Pat has a nice name here.  Been up for sale a few times

Ended unsold at $35,000 – what was the reserve on this thing?  Another nice one here as well.  Some times you just need to slow down

Ended unsold at $500   Was

Ended unsold at $510    Everyone knows Jesus.  Or at least someone named this

Ended unsold at $1,500     Text and chat is how everyone under 18 communicates.


NAMEJET   An musical artist and other things and also the way people think you spell Marshmallow     E names still sell, look on Namebio    RE for Real Estate   Getting a very very nice bid  I love the name but will never meet reserve   So many things get royalties.  Great name for keeping track or royalty data  Not a bad .xyz.  Doctors make a lot of money  Most people know the speakers but could be football, soccer, or football.   9 bidders  Triple repeater or World Wide

$5,000   Everyone loves XXX

So many great today.  Here are the names I love,,, $500,,, $640, $460 $670 and   These are still worth more than $69  I like to buy names in the solar industry.  I think this qualifies but maybe too generic, maybe not

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