Jun 13 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 11, 2016.  The DSAD DomainSherpa show was released today and can be found here if you would like to check it out.

Flippa/Sedo/Other The College that’s down town right in the middle of all the action

At $64 with 2 days left Two High CPC words meshed together

Ended unsold and relisted here. Kinda looks like Civic but not quite

Namejet  Videos on Insurance money saving tips  AABCC pattern   Get deals right from the dealer, cut the middle retailers out  Nice Short one word org, Learn about doing stunts, maybe a school for stunts 25 million google search results, many Towns in the US named Oakville  A healthy eating site Medicare can be confusing, this site helps people figure it out  Massage site, or an natural herb or tea that relaxes you  8’s and 2’s  Like Jurassic Park but scarrier

Main List I don’t possess this genetic makeup Take notes quik with the Quik Pad Treat your cash like a small child, or pay cash for your house Try it again but with a better ending this time. Like cloud but we’ve moved to the whole sky. A service like CloudFlare makes your site faster by virtual caching

$177 I think this is an actual thing for riding public transit I like this name for something like Colonial Williamsburg or a museum The robot that gives you cash, but chases you down if you don’t pay the vig

$510 Sell personalized shaving supplies Perfect, you can start a business developing domains into sites. Just don’t charge thousands of $$ for crap or no work.

$170 The season of new life The new tool for keyword research live life to the fullest, or a little purple pill

$204 Because moron’s love the taste Motorcycle exhaust systems or Compton crack pipes Very specific but if you’re selling them it’s a good name, $1800 estibot Seems like a nice brand for coaching or self help I’ve come to realize that you can find great domains without spending that much money, if you do the work, or know where to look Test yourself, your kids of your employees I’m thinking it’s a brand for investments of some kind, maybe gold but could be anything. Learn how to beat your favorite video games I like this name as a marketing site for scooters or hove-a-rounds for the elderly. Probably a directory type site, but I think it sounds good

$103 Fishing or a brand for anything

$455 Review and advertise for high end vehicles Who doesn’t like real estate? The service that runs the Cat 5 or a linked in type site. It’s all Gluten free these days

$161 The best help Laser Vision? Optics, scopes Old school yellow pages hacking, I thought that guy was an idiot, but he’s actually smart For some people debt is a battle that they need help to fight. A coffee house, their budget is probably only a few hundred bucks, but I would go there. An affiliate site that compares cloud services The generic name for band-aid

$119 The site that brings collectors together, maybe you’ll find that super rare piece you’ve been looking for. A custody attorney site, If you’re fighting for custody you’d call these lawyers. When your daughter glues beads to your cash Set up a service that lets organizations collect money via text The best restaurants in the UAE I should have an editor check my grammar. A workout site, no pain no gain? Keep the money rolling Just like Custody Pros, buy them both Use this to sell domains. It’s ok, lots of house flipping names out there Produce? Plants, gardening Recycling, or good at growing things A local magazine, local crafts and gifts A support group blog for people with chronic pain, or a lead gen site for medical canna Another coffee house name for a business with no money, donate it to a friend that runs a coffee shop. Reminds me of Brave-heart, every man dies, not every man really lives, or something like that.

$104 Fitness name Might be a stretch, but it has cloud in it Could be anything, music, books Restaurant directory if you do that kind of thing

$190 Musical cartoons The jigsaw puzzle that shocks you when you try and put the wrong pieces together. Everyone wants to think their getting a deal.

$405 Uber credit line Clothing and funny hats for seals. Or zip-lock bags Send messages to your friends online in code. They go online and decode the message. You have to send them the decoder ring Sell magic online, or teach people the tricks Not really hot, kinda hot, OK Because SEO for anything other than websites seems like a bad idea The barber that only charges $5 but he picks the style and it’s that same for everyone. The “My Bad” for social networks what’s trending in your social world? When the normal solution just won’t cut it. If you have no idea what to do, hire someone to figure it out for you.

$100 Don’t mess with Texas If you have an awesome burger “The” adds some authority to it. Soy products for vegans Unstable dynamite Like C-list

$420 Travis gives programming advice every day. Not sure if it has any value, but this is what you do with them. Lefty loosy, Righty tighty A really great spatula, Everyone wants a deal

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Your LLLL.coms of The Day

HVYT.COM $1,038

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday



ACQ.BIZ $1,000
XWK.CC $812



Brandables $73 $225 $12 $42 $15

Some Numbers  $353 $162 $10 $605 $142 $45 $455 $55 $116 $380 $127 $10 $1,225 $10 $15 $2,328 $10 $10 $86 $15 $15 $51 $10 $10 $126 $17 $17 $195 $15 $17 $197 $10 $12 $171 $15 $17 $101 $15 $176 $15 $12 $192 $30 $15 $126 $20 $65 $226 $106 $15 $196 $17 $15 $188 $17 $50 $170 $17 $171 $209 $12 $70 $149 $12 $63 $225 $10 $216 $12 $10 $148 $160 $10 $109 $12 $10 $84 $171 $105 $93 $127 $12 $45 $15 $12 $10 $106 $115 $70 $15

One Worders Other Extensions

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and Now VR


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