Jun 16 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 15, 2016. Not what it was in 2000 but tens of thousands still do it

$1,580 I for International. Ask Drew Rosener how LLL.nets sell

$1,825 There’s good, better, best and then this one. Getting some great bids

$14,050 Upgrade name for quite a few companies

$1,213 Its an ugly animal but that doesn’t make it less of a brand Sounds like a dating site Same here. A little more Tinderish though Delicious

$3,602 Means “only” in Spanish. For some reason I use the word all the time

$1,021 Because there is always someone selling something like this Dating site? Just kidding, sounds like fun though. Everyone loves cookies Yup, this is still worth more than $200

$466 I think this one is better because of the 8. Price is cheaper right now Also getting bids Help them find a place to give their money Yup exactly what you thought it was. A month subscription for pantyhose

$540 A lot of Fs for one low price Maybe you like U better Just like the sound of it as a Global brand

$1,125 Liked because of the flanking pairs

$175 People will go to the dot net if they can save a few thousand on their most expensive, most important day of their life.

$165 Comes with 18,000 backlinks

$195 I talked to a 70 year old and she says pickleball is all the rage at the retirement community Worth more than the $10 bid IMO Dot mobi doesn’t have any value but hard to pass up such a good keyword for next to nothing


And a Few LLLL.coms Cube


Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO   A city that we all know, even if most haven’t been there

At $5,000 with less than an hour left  No reserve and closing today.   A nice for under $30

$146    Millions and millions of them around the world.  Show them where

At $6 with 12 days left

Out.Fit   Met reserve.   Most people probably overlooked this use of dot fit

$2,156   Man, VR names are getting good prices right now

Ended unsold at $3,500

NAMEJET    Team something something   No bidders.  Sounds like they are going to fill whatever you need filled pretty quickly     Everyone knows the wheels make the car

$1,200   Great email name.  Will get lots of laughs  I have all kinds of equipment to for this but soon you’re just going to plug your car into your computer and test it.  No bids   No bidders.  Although all pets are special…except fish.   They are replaceable  World of  SQL Query?  Getting four figure bids

$1,400   Nice brand.  Sounds like something you have to have    Notre Dame team jersey’s or just a bunch of “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts.  Either way its a good name    No bidders.  Triple repeater.  Used to be $5K plus.  We’ll see where it stands in June    Every parent is a sports photographer.   And you find out real quickly you need good equipment      Also known as Search Engine Marketing    Name has grown in value since many states have gone to energy deregulation and let homeowners choose energy providers

$1,801     Grateful Dead coverband ?,,, and    Four more LLLL.coms with nice Western acronym letters


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