Jun 23 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 22, 2016. Jason Thompson’s old blog. C’mon Jason, you going to let this drop? 18 year old with the double C. Not very many bidders…………….yet Upgrade name for a bigger company. Bidders probably putting their money on the potential upgrade

$375 and CHiPs. But each under $900

$980 and $830 Nice sounding brand for $12 Already the name of a free online photoshop type site. Four figure bids already

$1,525 Drone names continue to be hot, why not be the master of something hot

$1,145 Not sure its worth a lot but happy positive name and those type are always a good buy under $50 IMO

$160 I’m a sucker for short rhyming names. One bidder If you just get a little piece of the billion dollar fantasy sports market you’ll be rich

$810 This was a four figure name two months ago. Still a $300 plus name IMO. We’ll see Not as scary as waiting for a grade based on an S curve Great motivational name. Only one bid Manly name You want names with a good amount of possible endusers. Half of NYC are filmmakers/waiters There always seems to be a need for brands of companies that help others find brands. How ironic

$898 I think the bids see this as a short version of Student Loans Swarms are good as long as its not bees or hornets Upgrade name for quite a few companies

Some and Numerics I Like – $394 – $585 – $325 – $27 – $51 – $20 – $20 – $65 – $51 Under $50 at press time

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FLIPPA and SEDO   So many uses that the word overcomes the tld

Sold via BIN for $4,000   Nice brand.  Nice to see it getting a nice price although the owner thinks it should be nicer

Ended unsold and relisted here   and a big portfolio of .xyz names

Ended unsold at $1,200 which has a bottom floor price of $1000

1,260 EUR   One more at the same price

1,550 EUR

NAMEJET  Fantastic name but won’t sell  Nice brand for a bedding and sheet company,, $670
and     Four names at $500 at press time   Big market in baby boomer dating right now  Not worth a ton but good used part company name   Declarations   Because everyone shops on their computer now.  Might as well still give them a chance to hang out at the VR Mall.  Only 8 bidders.   I think of shampoo and hairy legged girls

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