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A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 9, 2016. Repeating pattern. No bids This is probably a little higher than you thought it would be

$3,636 – nice name for a VPN service Nice positive name. I try to every other day

$1,913 Has a bid and its a nice one

Just not nice enough I guess No bidders. Nice name for used sports equipment. And we know we all have a ton laying around. Been tried once with Play it Again Sports

Stay away from the jock shorts Pretty big keyword. But it has a pretty big bid

$1,100 Great name for exact that. A streaming service for people to remote view events

$1,247 That’s probably good enough. Gold is good No bidders. It’s all in

$113 Gaming is already at all time highs. VR is going to take it to the next level

$116 Not a ton of value but like the name. No bidders Magically transform your garden Not sure what it would be but sounds like it would make the garden better

Popsicles made out of veggie juice? LLLL.coms that end in C are much more valuable Is worth a little but domain I need is where the money’s at Org works perfectly here. I’m pretty sure in America everyone over 18 has the right to vote now. Am I missing anyone?

$155 Billions spent on skin care. Might as well keep it modern

$157 The “the” saves you a few thousand Not a bad one off of Organics. Not going to overpay at $12 IMO

Agreed – I checked the other 25 letters in the alphabet in front of organics, and only h and t were available – so I bought them. Surprised this doesn’t have a bid Everyone needs a little invigoration every once in a while 12,000 backlinks and a four figure price

$3,051 Two letter dot almost anything are four figure names IMO OK, almost any LL

Here are some others that didn’t make the four figure mark in the month of June.
  – – $9
  – – $199
  – – $100
  – – $302

And a couple that did
  – – $6,076
  – – $2,333 Not a bad art gallery name I think the keywords are good enough and pay well enough to own the dot net

$100 Good I still buy 6Ns but only very very memorable ones and I don’t pay much. Which has been pretty easy lately.

$237 Another nice pattern IMO

$155 Pretty big travel time for Brazil. Even with Zika More and more popular every year. Some of the best places are starting to offer it Good continue to hold value I’m looking for a little more than reliable in my surgeon but I see the value I really like this one. You know my feeling on pain. People pay anything to get rid of it


Your LLLL.coms of The Day $235 $256 $350 $225 $235 $305 $251 $235 $225 $355

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FLIPPA and SEDO   The most ridiculous site every sold on Flippa.

$3,200 – unbelievable, but the seller is pretty funny  If you like one word dot io this is a pretty good one I don’t know if it deserves the Wow! in the description but a nice

Ended unsold at $27,000     Ready for a buildout showcasing exactly what the name says

$3,550   Pretty sure I know what pics are going to get posted


NAMEJET    It’s my favorite color     The world is getting old and everyone is fat.  Medical care is where you want to be  Not sure if dot org works here but older people love townhouses     Big Kid Big Wheels are pretty popular.  I actually rode one on vacation  and continue to be in high demand in the aftermarket   Kids only lose one or two a day  Take your frustration on your little friend, $640    Some of the better LLLL.coms closing today   We’ve discussed the value many times.  Even with the new Google advertising rules  There is a market for antique fountains and statues.  I know because I buy and sell them   Google it and you’ll see there is still a market  Closes today and I think it hits $3500

$2,400    Prius is not a green car but everyone thinks it is and that’s all that matters    Retina scanning  My favorite name on the list

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