Sep 19 2016 No bidders. Thinking loans but could be a few things I think almost all that you can pronounce are worth $12

$135 No bidders. Anyone can be in. Just have to send in a video. There’s your site No bidders. Decent brand for $12 Has one bid and its a big one No bidders. Nice little youth oriented The brand buyers will be all over this one as well Good for a domain sales results site. No bidders at $12 Pretty good marketing name for $12. No bidders No bids. Looks like a tech name to me O for Online

$430 Thought this would be much higher. I guess most call them protectors

$306 Not sure what you would do with it but certainly easy to remember. A few bids

$106 Nice marketing name

$1,005 I’d eat a ice cream bar from this company. Of course I’m pretty hungry right now

$120 Like Make them feel like they are getting a deal Gets 4,000 visits a month according to Godaddy



NameJet $2,278 $2,102 $2,050 $2,020 $1,901 $1,511 $1,400 $1,314 $1,268 $1,211

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