Sep 05 2016 Great letters worldwide. Over under $1500

$1,590 Actually doing better than the above. The Chinese love Z

$1,537 Pretty sure you’re not going to be selling trap doors. 8 bidders. 18 years old

$716 12 years old. No bidders. Not a bad name for $12 Can’t believe this popular saying has no bids Pay per view something

$313 It really has never caught on. Almost did in the 80s. People assume you’re an alcoholic if you buy it. No bidders I’m not going to lie. I don’t know why its at four figures

$1,000 Not a numeric dot me guy but this one is memorable enough that $17 is a good value IMO

$27 No bids. Short words combining for a very nice brand at $12. You never forget them. 12 years old. The name, not your first love Weed names aren’t as popular as cannabis but still some value Popular tv show. Not a popular domain. No bidders Essentially what the reputation repair companies are doing. No bidders People always search for things using the term best. 17 years old

$530 A lot of bird lovers out there

$780 Same here

$656 Not quite as many lovers here

$168 Eat my garden so I hate them

$222 Big money spent on Koi by pond owners

$435 Can’t have koi without a pond

$105 Now we’re back to things I like

$830 I would think there is some affiliate money to be made with this one. No bidders

$566 The bids have to be for the 25,000 backlinks

$445 I’m happy just having a profit

$190 Quick sales are always good


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FLIPPA and SEDO Got a bid first bid

At $20,000 with 4 days left   Nice Chinese

At $1,100 with 2 hours left  Certainly worth more than the $150 bid IMO.  If you believe in dot IO that is

Ended unsold at $399  I would have taken the $100

Ended unsold at $105

NAMEJET $1,315 $1,214 $1,105 $792 $774 $700 $632 $614 $570 $560

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