A .BAR Sighting In The Wild

Apr 14 2015

I stumbled across my first sighting of a new gTLD this weekend when grabbing a bite for lunch, and it made me do a double-take. And, if I’m doing a double-take and I read about the new G’s every day, I’m curious how the average passerby reacts.

The specific domain in question is shown in the pictures below — Brik.bar. One interesting thing to me is that BrikBar.com isn’t registered, although I’d suggest they pick it up. I’d also pick up Brick.bar if I were them, but BrickBar.com is registered and in use.

brik bar

brik bar

“Brik is Denver’s newest wine bar located in the Wyman Historic District on Colfax and York. The owner, Travis Gee, eloquently bridges the gap between Old World and New World concepts by combining his travels, love of wine and personal experiences under one roof.”

I’m looking forward to (a) having a glass of wine at Brik Bar upon its opening, and (b) seeing more new G’s out in the wild.

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  1. frank.schilling

    Re; “One interesting thing to me is that BrikBar.com isn’t registered..”

    You should get used to this feeling Shane. It’s strange today but when people stumble onto this post in ten years time, the statement will look more like: “One interesting thing to me is that I thought I needed the .com back then”

    Our World is changing right before your eyes bro. It moves at a glacial pace, but the funny thing about glaciers is they do move and pretty soon the glacier is on top of you ; )

  2. Post author

    Frank, you might be right.

    However, if the owner of the bar were a friend of mine, I couldn’t in clear conscience recommend that they register only Brik.bar, and not BrikBar.com if it were available.

    If your crystal ball is correct, the bar owner can drop the .com in 5 years. If your vision doesn’t pan out for whatever reason, they’ve still got the .com, and for $10 per year, that’s good insurance.

  3. Shane Cultra

    Reminds me a a person that bought the first few Tesla. “Battery cars are the future !!” they tell us. And it looks like they are right. But you still needed your regular car to pair with it for the first 10 years.

  4. Meyer

    It looks like ‘Martin Lashley’ registered BrikBar,com I assume it is not the bar owner since this Lashley has 5k domains. I hope the bar does not buy it from him.
    That is the type of behavior that gives domain investors a bad name.

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