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Big Big Day for Domain Shane Crew and NamesCon

Three Big Events today.  The 2nd Annual Domain Shane Lunch, The Namejet/Right of the Dot Live Auction, and The University of Alabama goes for their 428th National Championship (I could be off on that number)

Every day is busy at NamesCon but today has the makings to be a special day. After the great Frank Schilling keynote we will meeting at the NamesCon registration booth to go over have some lunch. Nothing fancy, just a group of handsome people (and Elliot) going over for a sandwich.  We don’t mean to not include everyone but it was to give back to regular readers of the blog and those that did had plenty of time to RSVP.  If you feel like weren’t included you are more than welcome to take Aaron, Josh, and I out for food any time. We’d love to join you.


And the LIVE auction is today as well with the following names up in this order.  The number to the right is the lot number, not the price.  If you thought it was the price then you must be the guy that offers me $100 for every day. I hope all the sellers do extremely well and the buyers make even more money down the road.  And………….



And Of course the National Championship.  Andy Booth and everyone tried to literally kill me in the first annual Domain Soccer World Championships but I will still be limping around to find a good seat for the big game.  I great up at the University of Alabama while my Dad went back to school there and worked, and ended up going to college there as well.  Bear Bryant was my hero and idol growing up.   I’m not a jersey wearing kind of guy but I root as hard for Alabama and the kids that play so hard.  I also don’t get upset on a loss because I truly realize its just a game.  But I really say that because we don’t lose very often so it never really comes into play.  I hope it holds true tonight.

PS:   If anyone has 6 Aleve to give me it would be greatly appreciated.  I am limping like Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo when he stepped in a bear trap.  And walking over to CVS sounds like a painful ordeal.

See everyone soon and just kidding about Elliot.  Handsome handsome fellow


Domain Spotlight: