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Bonus view today is a doughnut chart showing volume sold by category.  More than 50% of the volume is made up of 4i (.cc, .biz, .org) in that order.  That surprised me.  I hadn’t been paying attention to the market at all. The Chinese are certainly paying attention to it.

For those of you out there that research trends in the Chinese domain market, I would like to know what sites (English or Chinese or any language) you use to see trends and prices.  I’m looking at information on, and it is useful but not very complete.  I’ve looked at, and it looks fairly comprehensive, but the price is not granular enough to be very useful. is good, but they only show the names sold on their platform and from what I can tell the volume of names sold there is quite small.



Most of the descriptions are easily understood, but just in case there are questions:
N = Numeric
I = Initial (a letter not including a,e,i,o,u,v)
C = Character (any number or letter)


Domain Spotlight:


  1. Great stuff Travis. Many thanks for these daily reports, they are great. I use a lot for comps, it’s pretty great and gives you a good view of how things are selling on different platforms (especially for .cc).

    A couple of thoughts and suggestions to make this awesome reporting that little bit better (imo) would be to:
    1. Give us a 30-day trend in addition to the 1 and 7 day trends.
    2. Separate out the 3C category into LNL and NLN together and have a separate chart for LLN and NLL. I’m finding your data a bit skewed with a lower price because (I’m assuming) that the LNL and NLN are bringing down the other two categories because historically LNL and NLN are not as valuable as LLN and NLL.

    Thanks again for the hard work, it’s great.

    1. Thanks for the comment George. Both items are on my would like to do list. I hope to have #1 done pretty soon. #2 will take more time.

  2. WoW… are you really that dim?
    do you have any idea about what you are speaking?
    the 14 letter dot cc’s are the wave of the future. get on board before it passes you by. sheesh… am i the only one that stayed in bed when they were passing out the kool-aid? well at least tell shane the popcorn will be in bloom early this year.

    1. Billy,
      Put down your crack pipe and back away from your computer. It’s obvious you have consumed too much kool-aid and crack. Whooo hooo!!!! Click on my name there is a link you may find helpful. 😉
      Apologies Travis but I couldn’t resist responding to someone that obviously knows nothing.

  3. Thanks for the comment billy. I guess… I must be dim, because I have no idea what you are talking about.

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