Jan 17 2016

Does it seem like the email offers for your various name categories come in different waves?  For me, the wave ended recently and now the wave is beginning.  I wonder if potential buyers are using some metric to determine what to email and ask for.  Of course, one steady category is, but it seems like those emails have tapered off some as well.  Here is another funny translation on a recent offer: “I wish you smooth sailing Monkey you whether to sell a friend gave me a quote or add me button”

Bonus image today is a recap of the last week showing the top 12 name categories in terms of volume sold.  I’ll try to remember to do this every Sunday unless it is of no interest to anyone.



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  1. John Mauriello

    Travis – I like the Data.Are you compiling that “Bonus Image Data” off of Sales on certain marketplaces Namejet, Snapnames, GoDaddy, etc. or a combination of sources. Just wondering where you are getting the data each Sunday.

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      Thanks for the comment John. Currently, this is just data from the segment of the Chinese market that shows up on Chaomi. I am in the process of adding additional data to make it a more complete picture.

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