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Take a look at the volume and dollars spent by day since I began tracking this stuff.  There was a little bit of a bounce-back after the beginning of the year, but overall activity is a lot lower than the middle of December.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the data to look back further to see if this is normal or not.  The Chinese stock market has continued to tank over the last few weeks.  Just like with the financial markets, there are people calling current liquid domain prices a top, some are calling it a plateau and others are saying that this is only the beginning of the rise in prices of many of these categories.  And just like the financial markets, no one really knows until whatever happens happens.  Then you get to listen to people who were right talk about how right they were and people who got it wrong talk about how bad of a call they made.  And then it happens all over again.  So be sure to put your Q1 predictions in the comments.



Domain Spotlight:


  1. The Stock Market has no connection to the Domain Market, China or not, as in the rise of prices of numerics over the last 3 years that has nothing to do with the Chinese stock market also with the bleed form the first few weeks of this year, Chinese deamnd for domains would also have nose dived. Only DOMAIN GANG keep trying to say there is a connection without any basis, he seems to be the Doomsayer instead of revelling in these good times.
    MY PREDICTION: Pronounceable LLLL.coms will continue to rise sharply-theyre universal in any language, very brandable and multi useful.

    1. Thanks for the comment Yippee. I know that big changes in the stock market have direct impacts on my investing behavior across all other investing avenues. I can’t be the only one. Of course, my reaction will not be the same as everyone else. One of the best times to invest in the stock market is during a crash. The same is probably true for quality domains, but I’m not experienced enough to know that.

  2. The stock market is the nerve centre of the economy. There is a direct connection between Domain investing and the economy. Figuring out that connection is key. Are investors looking outside of the Stock Market for other opportunities? OR are they playing it safe and holding back until the economy stabilizes.

  3. I’ve had more blind emails and reach outs for my short domains this week than one to two months ago. Many from China, people I’ve sold to coming back asking if I had any more, with higher offers. Offers for longer domains that didn’t have interest last year. Just my own experience but coming in all this week amidst the stock market turmoil. I’ve never seen much of a correlation between US/Europe stock markets and domains through the years, so why expect it for China? If there was a severe economic downturn, I’m sure domains would be impacted, but then so would a lot of other industries and investments. Domains have held up a lot better than other investments in the last 15 years, probably because the Internet and information/ecommerce technology have been in hyper growth mode, and still are in some parts of the world. And I think we’ll see a lot of new people and new interest coming into the domain market this year, especially for short (5 or less character) domains. Be cautious but it appears the domain market is still strong in January 2016. Funny that since Asian markets were up overnight you aren’t seeing much doom and gloom in certain blogs today as there was during the week – lol.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Honestly, I hope that they are not correlated. That would be a big win for diversification purposes.

  4. Great post.
    Thanks for this info.
    I would expect that by march the “vitality” of the chinese market will be up and running again!

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