.COM Losing Traffic To .CA? And Other Fun Domain Negotiation Responses

May 05 2015

domain negotiationsEveryone has had their own experiences with wacky domain negotiation responses. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but often they’re worth a laugh. A few recent responses from prospective buyers are below.

  • I can’t afford to pay that much for a .com, because I’ll lose a ton of traffic to the .ca.”
  • Your domain isn’t a real word, so it can’t be worth more than $100.”
  • Bullshit!”
  • I’ll see if I can borrow some money from my mother to pay for the domain.”
  • “I am sorry but that is not a price we can affort. Please make me an offer which is reasonable for us.”
  • A prospective buyer inquired about their FirstName .com domain. He offered $10, and I countered with $5,000 and gave him a list of specific FirstName .com domain sales. Not a list of asking prices….real sales. His response, “Giving a list of domains sold at outrageous price doesn’t help.”
  • Prospective Buyer: “I’m really only interested in your LNN.com domain for defensive purposes. Keyword + NN.com is my go-to domain.”

My response: Uhhhh, since you don’t already own it…….you really should go buy Keyword + NN.com since it’s available at a $2k BIN and it’s your “go-to” domain. As I’ve told you, I’m only willing to sell my LNN.com for a couple times that.

  • “I think you can get that offer one day if the Internet uses domain names in the future and factoring inflation, you may need to wait a few hundred years to get that offer for that domain then.”

How about you…….any good negotiation responses lately?

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  1. Mike H

    I wouldn’t want to build anything targeted just at the Canadian market without owning the .ca

    You wouldn’t care about that as a seller, but it’s something a buyer should consider for sure

  2. Post author

    Mike, that’s fair. However, if targeting the Canadian market was the buyer’s intent, they left that context out of our conversation. As a stand-alone comment, I found it pretty entertaining.

  3. Lucian

    If it was a canadian business, then most people looking for a canadian site will think that it is the .ca . Same happens my country. I give them the name of the website with .com tld and they still go to the ctld. I have to repeat that the tld is .com.

  4. Aaron Johnson

    Great post Aaron. My favorite is “Giving a list of domains sold at outrageous price doesn’t help.” although the answer of “Bullshit!” was a close second.

    Here is one that I got for a pretty common 2 word phrase .com

    “For a domain that has just recently been acquired trough a backorder, I find this too high asking price.
    Especially for a domain name that has no value, significance or company name attached to it.”

    After insisting the domain was worthless and increasing his offer a couple hundred dollars we ended negotiations.

  5. Mike Maillet

    Here in Canada, the .CA is the assumed/default extension for almost all business, so the buyer was 100% accurate with his comment. Might seem strange to people living in places like the US where .US is not widely used. Good post either way! On the flip side to all of this, everytime I buy a domain now, a few days later I get a Spam email from someone trying to sell me a variation of what I bought. What a joke

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