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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday July 24th, 2019

I have been reading Bitcoin Billionaires by former Domain Conference keynote speaker Ben Mezrich . It’s 100% slanted towards hating Mark Zuckerberg and promoting Bitcoin and the Winklevoss Twins but I trust Ben’s opinion more than the average person’s. He puts in the work to get the details behind the story. Of course he is a story teller so I imagine like all authors he leaves or adds what is necessary to tell a good story.

I wish I would have read the preview copy someone sent me because I would have certainly bought bitcoin after reading it. It’s that persuasive. And I would have almost tripled my money if I had. I only hope that he bought some while writing it because in my opinion, it’s not a coincidence that the price has gone up with release of the book. I can see how the Winklevoss twins fascinated him. Their story is as good as any you could make up. And their “all in” with bitcoin is the stuff of legends. 10 million to 10 billion dollars is just crazy and like everything bitcoin makes you want to go back in time. I know many will say “its not too late” but the 100 times return is over. It IS too late. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in bitcoin. Just not as investment. I have plenty of investments. I believe in it is as a secure, quick, form of payment. Once the price stabilizes it will serve that purpose better.

And the book. The book is a must read

Domain of the Day: Sounds natural and clean

Quote of the Day: “The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” —Gandhi

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction I know quite a few people do. From cilantro to canna Trying to figure out what it would be used for but like the short, two word, dot com I think bidders think this is a hack Replacement parts, product insurance. Met reserve so it going to sell 14 year old Forex name. Met reserve at $200 Fours or multiple cuatro which is a Spanish guitar. Good brand Great letters, 1994 birthday Fire extinguisher or battery charger Don’t like the other auto valuators. Make your own Get the latest mix of sports including women Lacrosse there are other large companies with tweet in their name

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids Loved the name a week ago when I saw it. Now it has the most bids on the board A school or a SAT, ACT prep course My favorite name on the board. I’ll probably buy it Will be one of the most in demand job for a long time to come. Start them young Obvious repair site domain Smooth as silk, hot like fire I can easily see this as a restaurant name. And it doesn’t even need to be by a lake ….but that would be weird if it isn’t Sounds like an appointment app good letters, T for tech One of the top names on the board today. Liquidity is always a good thing A bit long but you know exactly what they site is going to be about. And they say it doesn’t help but I would think it would rank well for the term One of the first .biz to hit four figures I’ve seen in a while The price says people are seeing a crowd source or crowd work name Going to cost you a lot to buy the history here Beautiful Hawaiian name Not sure you’re supposed to get help but we all know people use the net to write their thesis. Met reserve at $20 The word Noble makes it sound like the work is being done for good not profit. But we know its not I know quite a few people that live here Foodie name. Everyone is a chef now I like this 5L at under $150 I can absolutely see this name on a TV commercial

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I know everyone has heard bitcoin stories before. Well, I bought about $9,000 worth of Ethereum when it was $8-9 each. In total I had just over 1,000 Ethereum. I needed money and sold it when it hit $20, not thinking it would go up much more. In hindsight, I should have just sold off some of it and recouped a good chunk of the initial investment and let the rest ride. Less than 9 months after initially purchasing the 1,000+ Ethereum it went up to have an all time high of $1,389. I know for sure I never expected it to reach that high, but it’s tough to think that I could have become a millionaire in less than a year had I just held onto it.

    1. While I’m a big fan of BTC, I’m much more of a fan in Ethereum (even though it’s relatively underperformed lately).

      You may not may 100x as a return on either going forward, but if you have a 2-3 year time horizon – which domainers necessarily all have – you won’t be sorry jumping in now. Guarantee that both BTC and ETH dramatically outperform stocks, bonds, and precious metals over that time frame.

      1. I’m a much bigger fan than EOS over Ethereum myself. I know I wrote about selling all my ETH way too early, but I did net around a 20k gain off of EOS as well.

    2. Tom,

      Thanks for sharing. That’s all I think of when I see bitcoin is how often I bought and sold and never held. That’s part of the reason
      I haven’t sold my best names until I get the price I want. So in some ways our not getting our millions in bitcoin could lead to getting our millions in domains

  2. Your right on. It’s over at 100-1 you can’t get the returns. At best case 5 to 1 your looking at 50000 price in 5 years. To much $ to put out for the risk and time imo. I would rather buy 5 domains at 10k each. They will hold value regardless of what happens.

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