Damn!! Didn’t See Dot Biz Coming: All 100K 5N Registered and 66.biz Sells for $69K at Auction

Nov 11 2015

A lot of action in the Chinese market in the last 24 hours.  According to someone at Namepros, someone from China registered the last 15,000 numbers available.  Ironically at the same time, the large group of CC.biz names (mostly LL and a few NN) finished up at auction over at Godaddy with 66.biz finishing at $69,000.

My thoughts on this are simple.  There are going to be a lot of sellouts.  There is going to be an amazing chance to make some money in this market.  The talk of NNLL.com and LLNN.com selling out and other “rare” combos and patterns is only going to grow and continue.  And it will continue for a while.  The fringes are going to crumble first and by crumble I mean go stagnant.  Is dot biz on the fringe?  That’s really hard to tell.  I personally have always liked dot biz.  It made sense to me.  But not enough to buy anything other than the shortest names.  But I sold mine at $2K and got out.  Probably shouldn’t have after what’s happening above, but I did.

There are plenty of 5N.biz for sale if you want them at the auctions.  Undoubtedly they have now gone up in price.  On a side note, the 5L.com patterns and repeaters are pretty much gone.  A few left here and there.  I thought it would take 6 months to a year and it took a few weeks.  I can’t even find a decent one on a drop for under $50. Between the time Brian Kleiner of Afternic alerted his customers of the huge increase of registrations and the point where the good ones were gone was a matter of a few weeks.  I expect more in other place.  Hold onto your hats and your pocketbook. It’s going to be a wild ride

And yes, I’m already all in.  No more money left to spend for me for a while.  I’m a watcher for a few weeks until I sell something.

ADD ON: Frank’s comment made me do a little research over at Uniregistry and I picked up 8888.Christmas for under $8. It is now for sale for $188 with $100 of the proceeds going to Water School and the other $88 going to 4 pairs of running gloves and a box of Nutty Bars.

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  1. Frank Schilling

    We’re looking at a bulk NNNN.link deal and NNNN.click deal at the moment which if complete, will sell out the remainder of the space. Chines buyers are gravitating to generic alternative strings with $8 or lower renewals.

  2. Daniel Ballard

    Same here, Shane.. same here.. fully and heavily invested into certain flying niches and enjoying the ride so far, watching the markets for now.. just holding, not selling yet

  3. don w.

    All were renewed.

    I wonder if that has any implication on the bidding war. Did the bidders know this would happen?

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