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Damn! Looks Like 50cent Has Followed Me Into The Snow Business

You’ve heard me mention recently that this fall I decided to start a snow removal business this year to add to our existing 5 other businesses.  It couldn’t have come a better time as we received the most events and the most snow in the history of our town in December.  Well, it looks like 50 cent was watching and decided to get in the business.  Only a true entrepreneur makes $400 million dollars and still goes out and hustles for another grand.  But that’s what I like about 50 cents he’s always thinking about how he’s going to make the next dollar.  Here’s how it went down on Twitter.

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3 Replies to “Damn! Looks Like 50cent Has Followed Me Into The Snow Business”

  1. Sounds great, Shane.

    To even keep the snow moving business mobile, I suggest you or him purchase my domain name

    That will get it on the fly.

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