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Do Your Family a Favor: Leave a Domain Will and Records

domain willAs domainers we register and buy a ton of domains.  Over time,  these buys seem to leave us with domains at dozens of registrars all with different usernames and passwords.  After doing my taxes this quarter I realized I had spent 17K on domains this year and that my portfolio of domains had turned into a real asset.  As with all assets I decided that I need to provide my wife with a list of all my domains, where they’re registered, how much I paid, and renewal dates. I also included all the names of the different registrars and their passwords.

Things happen.  It’s a fact of life.  I’m not expecting to go anywhere soon but if I do, there is no way in the world my family could figure out where all my domains are.  Hell, I can barely keep track of them.  So I made a simple excel file, password protected it, threw it on a flash drive, and threw it in the safe deposit box.  Now if anything happens she will be able to do what she wants to with the names.

I had begun the organization of my domains earlier in the year. Snapnames was driving me crazy, throwing the domains I purchased in all sorts of little registrars with terrible customer service and high renewal rates.  I moved all the domains over to godaddy, well as many as I could at the time. Not only is Godaddy the most affordable of the registrars, it is just plain easier to use than most. That and having all of them in one place makes it easier to manage.  The benefit of the the document is it’s the best summary of my entire portfolio I’ve had to date.   In total, I am sitting on 210 names and have spent 31K the last two years on domains.  I am hoping they are worth more now.

Now some may say that I am gift wrapping a present to someone that wants to steal my domains.  That and my wife could take them with her in a divorce.  I have simple answers to that.  One they are password protected .  Not simple passwords a unlocker can break.  Secondly,  the only copies are on a flash drive in my drawer and one in the safe deposit box.  As far as my wife, I trust her with my life and this is for her, if she wants them, she can have them. Every thing I built I built with her help so if it happens, so be it.

So do your family a favor, make sure the domains are in your will and that they know where they are and how to get at them.  Otherwise we’ll send our condolences and then put in bids for all your dropping domains

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