Some Domain Acquisitions in the First Half of 2016

Jul 16 2016

Last year I did this acquisitions post on a quarterly basis (2015 posts here), but frankly, I didn’t have much to report in Q1 2016, so I decided to hold off until a mid-year post.

Below is a sample of a few of my acquisitions this year: – I like the people that make or fix shoes, and I love peach cobbler, but it’s unlikely that this domain will ultimately be used for either purpose. That said, sites like and are in the shoe industry, and are becoming more popular. – I can see it as the name of a video game or movie. ‘Hitmen’ is also the mascot for a bunch of teams — admittedly, not major sports teams with deep pockets. – Teleprompter is much more popular of a term, but I was surprised to see 6,600 searches per month and a $2.60 CPC for just ‘prompter’, per Estibot. A quick Google search shows that several sites use the term, such as,,, and more. – Not my favorite buy, but I believe it’s worth more than I paid for it. Hair, virus, makeup, nail polish, tattoo, stain, paint, etc, etc. – I really like this name, although I have no idea who the ultimate buyer will be. That’s probably a good thing, as it lends itself to multiple uses. Current users of the term are as diverse as a money management firm (, a company that has raised $35 million to help treat rotator cuff injuries (, and a seller of motorcycle wheels and parts ( – I view this as more of a trade than a purchase, as I also sold an this year for about the same price, and the V-B-D letters are much better than the ones I sold. If I tried to sell this domain today at wholesale prices, I’d probably lose money on it due to the liquid market downturn, but this one wasn’t purchased with a near term flip in mind. The seller owned this domain and had a developed site for over a decade, branding the site “Very Best Deals” to sell computer fans. – I only picked this up because I own the .com, and saw this in the domain forums. I don’t know if it will ever help me get a better price for, but since I only had to pay a little more than wholesale value for the .net, it’s worth it to me. – Similar to, I only purchased this because I own the .com. Picked up at NameJet for a small percentage of the agreement I have to sell the .com; assuming the .com sale gets funded, I’ll offer the .net to the buyer at cost, or give it to them if I’m feeling generous. If not, I have over a hundred people who have inquired about that I could theoretically take the time to reach out to.

A couple buys mentioned last week in a post covering some first half 2016 sales:

  • – I had a good deal on the acquisition, then the market dipped and I lost a few bucks on the sale.
  • – Bad discipline often leads to losing money.

And some of the rest:


As always, you’re welcome to share some of your recent acquisitions below.

And, if you have one word .com domains that you’re interested in selling at reseller prices, shoot me a note. Click on this Contact link, select ‘Aaron’ from the drop-down box under ‘Send To’, and shoot me a note with your domains and asking prices.

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  1. Noor

    Holy Cow is what comes to mind when I see your list, great acquisitions there.
    I got a few in the last few months,


  2. Bonin

    Good purchases, I would be very happy when I’m owner of 3L .com 🙂

    Some of my recent buys:

  3. Doc

    Good job
    Recent purchses

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