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Aug 14 2016

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.

Flips sold for 15,000 USD recently at Nidoma, vs 2,645 USD on 2014-03-12 at NameJet. “Bicycles” in Italian, I believe, and the domain was picked up by Italian company Frezza Network, which has quite a lineup of developed .it sites, according to its homepage. * Update: see the seller’s clarification in the comments. sold for 8,100 USD recently at NameJet, vs 3,907 USD on 2009-08-05 at SnapNames. You won’t see many .net domains in the profitable flip section these days….certainly not for descriptive domains. sold for 3,155 USD recently at Sedo, vs 265 USD on 2012-07-29 at GoDaddy. The first of two domains, and this one is over 10x. sold for 2,000 USD recently at SnapNames, vs 240 USD on 2008-08-04 at NameJet. sold for 1,957 USD recently at 4.CN, vs 403 USD on 2015-07-29 at 4.CN. The first of two flips with both the buy and sell side at, and hold periods right at a year. sold for 1,425 USD recently at 4.CN, vs 499 USD on 2015-08-04 at 4.CN.

Flops sold for 18,000 USD recently at Sedo, vs 58,000 USD on 2011-08-11 at Sedo. Ouch, over a $40,000 loss after commissions. sold for 16,500 USD recently at Flippa, vs 18,500 USD on 2014-08-27 at Sedo. This domain has traded hands like a hot potato; it also sold for $6,640 in 2014, and $8,293 in 2013. sold for 787 USD recently at NameJet, vs 3,500 USD on 2008-04-08 at Afternic. Previously developed as a legal entity formation company, per a look back at screenshots. sold for 155 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 5,500 USD on 2015-03-13 at Sedo. 123CrappyDomain. sold for 1,280 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 6,500 USD on 2014-04-16 privately. I call my primary client Boss Lady and not Lady Boss. This site was previously developed, and you can see the screenshot below.

lady boss

Note: I didn’t do an exhaustive search of the ownership history of each domain. There are likely cases where there were multiple owners between the sales prices I list.

You can find past Flips and Flops posts here.

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  1. owntype

    I sold, actually I bought it a year ago for $450 (along with another two domains in bulk), not $2,645 🙂 Just FYI.

    1. Post author

      owntype, thanks for the comment & background, and congrats on a great sale! A nice 5x return turned into over 30x with the new information.

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