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Oct 16 2016

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.

Flips sold for 531 USD recently at NameJet, vs 125 USD on 2016-08-09 at GoDaddy. All of the flips this week had both the buy and the sell in 2016. None of these will allow the sellers to retire anytime soon, but if you can consistently get quick returns like this, and then gradually move to higher value names (or do the lower value names in volume), you’ll be sitting pretty. It’s easier said than done. sold for 2,000 USD recently at NameJet, vs 1,050 USD on 2016-06-03 at Flippa. sold for 805 USD recently at Flippa, vs 486 USD on 2016-05-06 at NameJet. sold for 599 USD recently at NameJet, vs 370 USD on 2016-03-29 at NameJet.

Flops sold for 10,000 USD recently at NameJet, vs 23,000 USD on 2012-03-28 at Private. After commission, this was a loss over $14k. Bidder “first” from NameJet was the buyer, so this English word is heading over to China. sold for 480 USD recently at NameJet, vs 2,225 USD on 2012-02-01 at Sedo. sold for 126 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 4,800 USD on 2015-06-02 at Sedo. sold for 5,010 USD recently at Sedo, vs 11,200 USD on 2009-05-31 at Sedo. You can see a prior screenshot below, where the site was developed around photography and videography. Another business plan that must not have worked out.

Note: I didn’t do an exhaustive search of the ownership history of each domain. There are likely cases where there were multiple owners between the sales prices I list.

You can find past Flips and Flops posts here.

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