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Sep 24 2015

This weekly article is typically posted on Saturday or Sunday, but a little 32+ hour adventure in the mountains of Idaho (picture below) got in the way this week……..

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.


  • sold for 20,000 USD on 2015-09-14 at Sedo, vs 116 USD on 2007-10-26 at Sedo. You’ve gotta like the more than 100x returns. The domain is developed, and a screenshot is below. Here is a Google translation of the app description, “Listing is based on a shared platform APP modern office applications, provide listings appointment, meeting room booking, staff attendance, electronic door locks, staff visits and other functions. As the era of mobile office is a flexible use.

we plus

  • sold for 6,600 USD on 2015-09-13 at NameJet, vs 330 USD on 2008-08-20 at NameJet. Return of 20x before commissions. Picked up by an individual in China.
  • sold for 3,200 USD on 2015-09-15 at NameJet, vs 622 USD on 2012-01-30 at GoDaddy. Picked up by an individual in Singapore with a “” email address.
  • sold for 2,225 USD on 2015-09-14 at GoDaddy, vs 711 USD on 2014-09-14 at GoDaddy. Picked up by an individual in the UK.


  • sold for 215 USD on 2015-09-13 at GoDaddy, vs 2,000 USD on 2011-07-13 at Afternic.
  • sold for 10,500 USD on 2015-09-14 at NameJet, vs 11,211 USD on 2009-07-13 at NameJet. If anyone thinks you can buy a one word .com and assume it will go up in value forever and ever, think again. You’ve still got to make the acquisitions at the right price. This one represents a 20% loss after commission.
  • sold for 1,759 USD on 2015-09-14 at 4.CN, vs 2,760 USD on 2011-11-23 at Afternic. Take my comments above, and now apply them to…..or any domain, for that matter. Or any investment, for that matter.

Note: I didn’t do an exhaustive search of the ownership history of each domain. There are likely cases where there were multiple owners between the sales prices I list.

You can find past Flips and Flops posts here.

Lastly, a photo of me moving uphill during last weekend’s event:


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  1. Michael Cyger

    100 miles in the wilderness. That’s just crazy!

    Congrats on finishing, Aaron! Looking forward to hearing about it in person at Namescon in January.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Michael, I appreciate it. Photos just came in a few minutes ago, and I added one to the bottom of the post.

      How’s the 5 minute mile goal coming?

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