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Dec 27 2015

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.

Flips sold for 2,000 USD recently at BuyDomains, vs 400 USD on 2015-05-16 at NameJet. A nice return for the seller in seven months, and an inexpensive upgrade for the company behind related domains such as and No site resolves yet at the new domain, but the company logo is below.

fast plumbing sold for 25,000 USD recently at Sedo, vs 999 USD on 2011-01-09 at Sedo. Nice 25x beffore commissions. No site resolves, but for $25k, you’d expect a site is in the works. Owned by a “Fast & Fun LLC” which was formed earlier this year. sold for 12,950 USD recently at DropCatch, vs 5,600 USD on 2015-11-05 at NameJet. Did I miss something…..can third parties sell on DropCatch? sold for 3,100 USD recently at NameJet, vs 459 USD on 2015-08-11 at NameJet. Someone got a great deal back August, and turned it into a 6x return in four months. sold for 2,409 USD recently at 4.CN, vs 200 USD on 2014-12-07 at GoDaddy. And if you bought a little earlier, you get a 12x before commission in a year. sold for 15,000 USD recently at IndusDomains, vs 1,000 USD on 2015-07-29 at GoDaddy. Gotta love a 15x before commissions in less than 6 months. The new owner has a email address, so a rebrand may be in the works?

Flops sold for 13,530 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 20,010 USD on 2014-12-23 at GoDaddy. Approximately 40% loss after commissions, or $8,500, in a year. sold for 8,151 USD recently at Sedo, vs 16,550 USD on 2010-05-06 at Sedo. Short domains have gone up in value, but you still have to buy them right. sold for 775 USD recently at Flippa, 855 USD on 2015-10-01 at NameJet. Quick flip gone awry…..less than a three month hold. sold for 505 USD recently at Flippa, vs 590 USD on 2015-11-08 at GoDaddy. An LNL, and another attempted quick flip, but a money loser. sold for 505 USD recently at Flippa, vs 2,556 USD on 2014-11-13 at NameJet. sold for 390 USD recently at NameJet, vs 17,150 USD on 2014-09-25 at Sedo. An approximately 98% loss after commissions…..yes, 98%. sold for 510 USD recently at DropCatch, vs 12,209 USD on 2007-04-18 at Sedo. Ouch! Approximately 96% loss after commissions. sold for 105 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 13,185 USD on 2010-10-27 at Sedo. In a competitive battle for flop of the week, this 99% loss after commissions beats both the two above.

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