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Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.

Flips sold for 43,500 USD recently at NameJet, vs 3,600 USD on 2012-05-14 at NameJet. Excellent 10x after commission in five years. sold for 8,999 USD recently at Sedo, vs 718 USD on 2016-08-02 at NameJet. Another 10x after commission, but in less than a year. Currently forwards to a Facebook page talking about Vector Initiative, based in Winter Park Florida, described as “Vector arcade game and monitor salvation, restoration, reproduction, curation, and innovation.” Both the .com and .net are developed, so the .org is probably the best they could get. sold for 8,500 USD recently at, vs 500 USD on 2016-10-24 at Flippa. sold for 17,122 USD recently at Nidoma, vs 3,500 USD on 2011-01-10 at Sedo. sold for 19,507 USD recently at Sedo, vs 9,000 USD on 2016-02-19 at NameJet. Nice gain in under a two year hold. Interestingly, it was on NameJet at the end of 2016, but didn’t break into the 5-figures. sold for 4,200 USD recently at SuccessClick, vs 2,000 USD on 2015-02-08 at Uniregistry. You can see a screenshot below. There is no concise explanation of their product on the site, but I understand it’s a portable table with a solar component that allows you to charge your electronic devices.

solar table

Flops sold for 414 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 2,996 USD on 2012-12-09 at Afternic. Someone likely had a business plan in mind, but things must not have panned out. sold for 115 USD recently at GoDaddy, vs 5,000 USD on 2015-02-08 at Uniregistry. sold for 380 USD recently at DropCatch, vs 10,000 USD on 2015-02-08 at Uniregistry. Another couple examples of people buying a domain from Frank Schilling, and then unwisely letting them drop or needing to sell them. sold for 109 USD recently at Sedo, vs 3,600 USD on 2009-05-19 at NameJet. This one is now on Flippa and the seller will be sitting on a profitable flip…bidding has him at a 5x before commission, with plenty of time to go in the auction.

Note: I didn’t do an exhaustive search of the ownership history of each domain. There are likely cases where there were multiple owners between the sales prices I list.

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I never understood how a domain sale is considered a “Flop” when a non-liquid domain sells on Afternic or Sedo for $x,xxx (Which is obviously to an end user) then the end user lets it drop and it gets picked back up by investors at auction for wholesale? It’s just wholesale vs retail pricing. I think a “Flop” would be more along the lines of an Investors picks it up on one aftermarket (Flippa for example) then lists it again on the same or another market (NameJet) and it sells for a loss, then I’d say that’s a flop. But, great post as always!

  2. TC, I agree with you that it would be ideal if the only Flops listed would be wholesale vs wholesale, or retail vs retail pricing. Candidly, that would require a ton more work to research the prior owners of each domain, which means these posts would never get completed. 🙂
    As it stands now, we’re simply looking at the most recent publicly available sales prices for each domain.
    I appreciate your comment.

    1. Wow, looks like someone picked it up for a BIN of $6,500 today. I hope for the seller’s sake that it closes.

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