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May 15 2014

   Mostly auctions in today’s list.  The nice thing about auctions is the price is determined by the market.  If you want the name there is 100% chance you can own it. Here are today’s names. (auction)  DNA sequencing has become part of every day life as we figure out how to best take care of our bodies and predict our future. Value grows from here IMO (auction)  Su Hanchen was a famous Chinese painter.  Chinese names have really risen in price of the last two years.  Low reserve. (auction)   And that sequencing will be here.  People are already paying hundreds to find out their genetic dispositions.  This is a perfect name for someone selling those kits (auction)  There is no bigger market right now that Health Care.  And one millions of Americans have been forced to buy from the exchanges.  Big lead gen money in this market.  (auction) In a world of gadgets electonic engineers are one of the most sought after trades in the world.  Again, good lead gen money here for companies seeking these recruits and Universities trying to entice students.   (auction) Great name for anything someone needs removed.  Tattoo, bad articles on the net, even credit problems.  Auction price is cheap IMO at this point  (auction) The dot org sold for $10,600.  Americans need to remember that remortgage is the term used in other countries for ReFinance. And you know would sell for six figures.  (auction) NNN.nets have increased in value over the last year.  I’ve heard the bubble talk for the last two years. They are the same people that missed the last 100% gain.  Don’t be the bubblers   $2400 sold recently for $1500.  Lots of uses but the NFL combine comes to mind first and a Farm Combine next.  (auction) Great looking name and very memorable. Looks the same forward and backward.   The Z is good in Europe. The price shows that already   Private jets are big business.  Selling them or booking them is good lead gen

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