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May 02 2014

This week’s list sold out again and today has a nice variety of names. If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names.   If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names. and (auction)  Great names for branding. Everyone knows how to spell them and certainly memorable.  A family history site or some boys vs girls websites would work well.  Combining the hot marijuana with the startup tlds of choice and you have a pretty memorable domain.  I don’t need to tell you about Colorado and the other states that are going to follow.  I’ll throw in a bag of doritos to whomever buys this  You want to own the category?  Here you go.  Almost every grocery store has a section that has matzos so somebody must be eating them  There has been no category of domains that has appreciated faster in 2014 than 5N.coms.  This one has three 8s perfectly spaced.  While nothing is guaranteed, if the past year’s history has any worth, most likely what you pay at this auction will be less than it goes for in the next auction ($5K, Escrow split 50/50)  83 million results for Solar Kits on Google tell you that millions are converting to solar power.  And most people want the whole kit.  Not just a panel.  They need the panels, cables, converter, and storage.  aka the kit. (auction)  16 years old, DMOZ listed.  Used to be a kayaking blog for many years with posts from people all over the world. Blog content can come with purchase if new owner desires.   A great opportunity for a quick buildout (auction)  There is no hotter market than marijuana right now.  Look at Google Trends and you’ll see that the word “stoner” is at all time high. You know what’s not high?  The price at the time of this posting. ($2K) Thousands of listings in Realtor dot org for Wyoming and this one doesn’t have the trademark issues of Realtor names.  Take 10% off any of the other names on the list by mentioning you saw it here. ($1399)  Great Gender Reveal Party name.  Comes with logo and tumblr site.   Buy any two names on the list and get 50% off a third.  Buy three and get one FREE   The price may reach a new record for an on Namejet

And since the list sold out I will have to put a couple of my names here  ($5000)   Let Bill McClure make you rich with this name (Make Offer)  Andrew Rosener bought the dot com and is going to do great things with it.  Buy the name that is easier to type  ($500)  Because most of the world is  $1000   I hear texting is going to catch on




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