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May 08 2014

 Another mixed bag again today.  I received a bunch of 5Ns dot com but told them the best avenue to sell them was to put them up for auction so look for a bunch more on my lists and maybe on the Book of 10 next week.  Here are today’s names.   If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names.  (auction)  A 4 less 5 number dot com.  Fastest growing market of the year  (auction)  Nice name for storing or saving something that is important to users.  Photos etc.  (auction) One of the better CVCV that’s come up for auction in the last few months  These seem to bring in the best prices of the CCC domains  ($1500)  Will be much more than this in a year or so IMO  ($5000)  Double 3s.  Can’t say much more about short numerics other than they are moving well  My favorite show on TV.  I went 4 hours without food one day just to prepare for being on the show ($7500)  Doesn’t get much better than this if you are going to run Domain Auctions ($1000)  One of the most popular vacations destinations in the world  ($1000)  Not as good as but pretty sure this is also a lot less than what Andrew paid

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