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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 2nd, 2018

As you’ve pretty much gather I am all about getting the most out of our brains and body as we possibly can.  I’m always trying to figure out how to get more out of what I have.  I’m definitely not the smartest guy in the room and have never been the most physically gifted person either.  My body is tough, just not at the top of scale of anything.  So I’ve been forced to learn how to work with what I have.  Usually I succeed by working a little harder or just sticking with something until everyone else gives up.

I’ve been reading some great books lately and one of them is Endure.   It’s a book about the limits of the human body.  Much of it proves exactly what I’ve always thought.  Limits are created by the mind.  The mind is there to save you from yourself.  You can’t breathe?  It makes you pass out so you relax and start breathing.   You running too far?  It puts out three chemicals that stop your muscles from working.  Lactic acid being one.  But it needs the other two in addition to shut you down. How do I stop one of the three?  I have always felt that if I could teach my body that everything is OK that it will let me do more.  So I train it.  I push things a little further week by week, month by month, trying not to trigger anything.  Then when I ask it to do something unusual it has no fear of it.  It thinks, “I’ve done this before. We’re good”  It allows me to think, run, and react just a little faster and a little longer than I used to.

I learned this from analyzing performance.  Any time I was at a familiar venue or event.  Speeches, races, tests.  I always had my best performances.  New things, new courses?  I always got tired or got nervous.  My mind seemed to get the best of me.  So now I make sure that if I am going to try something different or at a different location, I get familiar with it before the event.  And it really has helped me.  Especially in races.  I will drive the course.  Do a Google street map.  Just to get familiar with the place.  When I would take a test, give a speech,  I will go to the building and sit in the room.  It’s silly but it works for me.  Turn the grind into a familiar grind.

The book has more great info if you’re in to that type of thing. My friend who is a sports medicine doctor thought I would like it because it is about stuff we’ve been discussing for years.  Things we’ve thought but now have some science behind it. It also made my daughter think that I might be little wiser than she gives me credit for. Since everything I told her seems to be right.  She would never admit it but she’s just like me in her approach to work, running, and school.  The difference is I feel amazing for an old guy and that’s good enough.  She is looking to compete.  Compete for scholarships, jobs and life. I’m hoping I’m giving here an edge. So far so good.

On a completely different note.  I bought a pair of the new Jordan BREDs below.  I had no idea how popular they would be. I just wanted them because they were just like a pair I owned 3 decades ago.  But now they’re going for $300 on StockX and I think I’d rather have the money now.  It’s crazy that 30 years later they are just as popular as the day I bought my first pair. Then again the business model was to try and sell as many shoes as they could back in the day.  Not pretend they are more popular than they are.

Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price

Quote of the Day:  “There are three ways to go broke: “ladies, liquor and leverage”   Warren Buffet

Domain of the Day:  Dot com in use and developed and dot org is even bigger.   Leaving this one available for anyone that wants to use the term Lifebox

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction    Exudes being flexible and also a last name.   No bids  Doesn’t have to represent Friday but that’s what most will see.  Reserve is fair but high   My favorite closing at NJ today but reserve will have to be on left side of range  Gwen Stefani may be the only one that can afford it    I liked this as a short, cute, brand.  Assumed I would get it for $69.  Nope.  Has bids  Blockchain turned this from $69 to $1000 plus  No bids.  Every baseball team has one  Ends today.   Fantasy sports name although when Trump sees it he starts faking a foot injury

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   What the Twitter and Instagram follower sellers are telling you they are giving you.  Great name for a company that provides this fake real follower   An entire site dedicated to my hairline.  1998 domain with 42 bids   A last name and the name of a few entities.  Has some age as well   Biggest segment of spenders.  Their parents for them.  As a parent of one they miraculously always have money  Poker or gardening  Running site or parenting site  Great letters.  Domain Gang isn’t running articles about these dipping in price anymore because they are actually going up. The good ones are back to $2500   Sit down, relax, and take in the hot water.  Just don’t think about all the water you’re wasting.  7 bids  Top amount of bids on the Godaddy board today  Wine name all the way   One of the first crypto names I may actually buy  SEO continues to be a big business.  Just not the easy money it used to be  I laughed and then I looked around to see if anyone saw me laughing   This is a great name that could be used for a great story.  Just because you have another human in you and a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you can’t look put together.  Although it adds to the dificulty  People just love spying and doxxing people


Godaddy Names With No Bids  Because the world can’t have enough ideas to brighten the future of parking  Sugar Buster name.  And it truly is. Sounds classy yet its only $12  Not a lot of value but would make a great marketing agency name  Not sure what it would be used but easy to spell and remember.  1998 birthday and no bids  Brand Bucket would probably take this one At $12 pretty sure you could sell this to some canna smoker for 10 times your money  It does rhyme  A bit long but a real term and techy sounding  No seriously, the name is  If this domain thing doesn’t work out I’m moving into the organ aftermarket  I’ll say caffeine…..or opium  Geocaching is a big big hobby for millions around the world.  Modern day treasure hunt  Great marketing name for a company that does   1998 domain with no bids. On today’s internet a Rumor is good enough   That’s gonna sell very well

Godaddy Names With Bids

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