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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 3rd


The great part of domain investing is that its a small community.  The worst part of domain investing is how small the community is. But  I am always impressed how the community can support its fellow members and the things they do and love, both in business and personally.   Another great opportunity to support is with Elliot Silver’s fundraiser for cancer he does each year.  Not only does he physically challenge himself through the bike ride but he raises money for those who are challenged with just staying alive.   I think a great thank you to Elliot for all his great work each year can be by donating to his charity.  You don’t pay anything to read the blog so a small donation seems more than fair to me.   You can do it here and make sure to come back and check out the names.


Quote of the Day:  “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill ”

Domain of the    Billions of dollars in the “we’re going to convince you its worth a lot of money ” gem market.  Getting a pretty good price

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   My favorite name on the GD board today   Pretty sure this is where my grandmother goes to get her buttons  Used to be a company that provide software solutions.  Now they just provide a domain name for auction   Under $300 at press time   Nice CCC.  I think the over under is $650   We just have to figure out what you are going to sell there.  100 visits with the purchase  6100 backlinks and 17 years old.   31 bids    Drones are going to be heavy regulated.  Name is bigger than many people realized and   I don’t normally buy LLLL.nets but these two are pretty strong    Great personal trainer name    A lot of these on Namejet  but only a few on GD

Domains With One or No Bids Great mantra in so many ways 19 years old. Just don’t use it for tech No bids. I think it would be a good name for a site that allows you to test things about your new site like how they look in certain browsers and screen sizes Probably needs to go to the Children’s Miracle Network Not a ton of value but like the brand. Memorable and has a relaxing feel to it How many times have you tried to explain by saying “I barely……… Sounds like a restaurant or an IPA You are and don’t you forget it. I think only Germans use the word super anymore If this isn’t an adult production company yet it should be. Heck we may change DSAD to this Would be fun to build out. I would make every answer say “You Are a Racist” None of the fake stuff I am in this biz. Works for me No bids. I like the word bright in my brands We all would like to take a little of this

Other Names With Bids    Could be used for tech or plumbing.  Or just a simple lifestyle at $20     6 years old.    Don’t have to tell you about all the companies and stores opening up in the US   The future jobs are not going to be producing information but taking all the data and figuring out what to do with it.  6 bidders at $30.  3 names in package

Namejet Auction    I remember just missing out on a with no fours for 25K,  $300 cost me $300K down the road.  Not saying this has the same potential but a is a good asset IMO   Means “nurses” in Italian.   Judging by the bids not many Italians on Namejet  Met reserve and closing today   6Ns with no 4s and zeros have steadied in value, even moved up a little   Were one of the first names to meet reserve in our auction.  Got bids quickly  CCC so it will always have some value.  The value seems to still keep moving up.   All people that like to spend money buy boats    Surprised this had 41 bidders but click and ship is how things get purchased now    Bitcoin name  Customer Relations Management.   Ask Salesforce if there is any money in this market   A mechanics dream   Going to be hard to be the top bidder who has run in his name  Beautiful country with incredible history  Great brand and even better fruit   Yes you are.  no bids with double vowels in the middle have been going for a premium   If you are going to buy keywords in .CC make sure they are the very best  Nice name for a domain informational site   My name, please overbid on this one    Not sure I’m searching for them as much as trying to find out how close they live to our house   Data backup service all the way   Let people compare their salary to the average so they can feel underpaid   My next door neighbor is a blacksmith who buys up blacksmith related names.  He would like this one. He operates on the domain which is similar   Short dot me haven’t really been moving but these are pretty strong letters    Huge market for VPN virtual private network so I can surf anonymously with no country restrictions    No bids on this one   A town in Slovakia….or just a funny sounding word.  A few bidders     Could actually be a brand but more just somebody covered in water


DropCatch Pending Deletes and Auctions   Where men come to Hub.   5 bidders  Sounds like a coffee store in Portland


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