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Aug 07 2017


On the road again looking at colleges and meeting coaches.  This weekends quick trip was to my Alma Mater, The University of Alabama.  While not the academics of our previous trips to Cornell and other Ivy leagues, boy do the have some sports money.  The money that bleeds down from the football program sure gives some nice swag and facilities to the other sports.  Throw in a free education and its worth taking a look at.  I spent my early childhood and college years there so it was a bit emotional bringing your kid to the areas where you were a kid yourself.  Made me feel old but also helped me relive the journey to this point in time that is so incredible.  Seeing the field that I scored my first goal.  The dorm where I officially became on my own.  I have always looked for a place I call home and going back certainly gave me that sense.  Not sure if my daughter will choose my school but its worth showing her why I think its special and let her take it from there.   I hope you have as big of a smile today as I have had all weekend.  Make sure to watch today’s new Domain Sherpa showHere are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:   “I ain’t never been nothin but a winner.”

Read More:   “I ain’t never been nothing but a winner”  -Bear Bryant

Domain of the Day:   Great alternative energy name.  Less than $100 at press time


Namejet Names At Auction  I probably should buy this.  But I probably won’t   Speaking of plants.  This one works pretty well for healing   Closing today.  Assisted pedal bikes are the future of transportation.  OK, that’s a little exxageration but they are pretty cool    CVCV are still killing it   I am going to have two .ws names on this list.  What is this world coming to?    I own a few of these triple 8 at the front 6Ns.  Will be interesting to see where it closes in today’s market

Sedo Names At Auction   Closes today and has met reserve so it will sell   Also met reserve O for Of which is in the right place  This name would have crushed it a few years ago. Not as much now but still has good value

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Medical cannabis.    Cannabis and all its healing powers and investment potential is all I hear about on podcasts lately    Millions of results for the term.  A company shares the name   Not a huge fan of I names but this one isn’t too bad.  Getting some strong bids    Nice to see a .cc getting some bids    Sounds like a VC firm   Nice little 5L getting a few bids   2 million backlinks   CHiPs are down but still doing pretty well for a name with Xs in it   6Ns with the right numbers still getting good bids


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids Energy lab. Alternative energy and its domains are a good investment IMO Another solar name that isn’t too bad Can be used for a few things. A blog about pole vaulting comes to mind. Not much money in pole vault blogs I guess. Price is right with no bidders Sounds like the next crypto coin Canna grower A good thought. rather have an “and” in there Sell it to Chik Fil-A Easy logo. Easy to remember A wrongly spelled as contact can be and still get the same sound Heck of a lot of climbing in Colorado….but no bidders I own lots of these very memorable brands that nobody buys Good server or hosting name Uhh. Trees are my thing but can’t bring myself to buy any .ws Already a bidder


Other Domains With Bids

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