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Aug 20 2017


I just finished watching the Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre documentary.  One of the better docs I’ve seen.  We all know the story of someone coming from nothing and making it big.  The middle parts of the journey are the interesting part.   In my opinion there is nothing more entertaining than the story of a great journey.   In general people love a great ending but most expect hardships along the way.  This doesn’t disappoint.  I often wonder if great minds all have these inner demons that cause the drinking, addiction, or social problems.  Or is it the passion and the time that they put in to become the best in the world at their craft.  Can someone be amazing and have a fun ride with a great family life along the way?  Is it something that happens but the stories aren’t told because nobody wants to see an easy journey. Smooth rides to success don’t make great documentaries.  Do I need to suffer more to be successful?  I don’t think you do but then again I didn’t form the biggest record company in the world or sell my company for 3 billion……..yet.   I highly suggest you check it out. You may not know rap or Beats headphones, but I bet you still enjoy the story of both of those guys’ journey.   Enjoy your Sunday.  Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:   “I’m not no egotistical person. I just want what I’m supposed to get. Not a penny more, not a penny less” -Dr. Dre

Domains of the Day:       Radio station, Stock symbol, or just an acronym

Namejet Names at Auction   Everyone starts off trying to value a name by talking about how big the industry is.  This IS the industry. And its a big one   The name of a Native American Chief or a Canna store in Boulder.  No bids   Who says romance is dead?  Join the club   Pretty cheeky firewood seller marketing name  Nice letters but reserve is a bit reaching    If you do hair removal as your primary business I think this would be a good domain  Sounds like a great new product that does something    I can see this as a box service or online service

Seed and Names At Auction   You know I love LNN.coms.   Reserve is under $1000 so I think it gets sold   61 monthly visits.   My daughter’s mantra  Under $200 at press time   Online version of Ohio   I thought would have more value than they do.  Then again, that’s the case with all .tv lately

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Medical and money.   You definitely want to have some money invested in the health care industry   Sounds like a nickname but actually just a surname  Gorilla pretty much means super strong because of all the products using the term   always watching the Ed for education or D for department. Has had 43 offers in the past 1999 domain. A person that collects trinkets……….and I made that up    17,000 backlinks are driving this high price  Another one with backlinks and age.  109,000 on this one.  Also getting great bids    A last name so its going to be the name of other entities     Charlie Sheen would love this one   Already at $2K and climbing  A bit generic for my taste but great name for Adwords or online marketing    “make a living at 10,000 feet”  Although I’m pretty sure the jets go much higher than that   Q for quality   Pronounceable 5L.coms are good investments IMO   What people that exercise say…..and fat people   We all certainly need this


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids Mr. Sallese, this is perfect for you Make it easy to mine bitcoin. No bidders Speaking of blockchain names with no bids 1998 domain. Not even a $12 bid Solid name for a fashion blog or tv show The Internet is built around photos. good to be flexible Only good because its funny, memorable, and no such thing……I think


Other Domains With Bids

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