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Some decent names on the board today.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the articles from some new writers here at   If you’d like to share something you’ve learned in domaining or just a good story we’d love to have you as a guest writer.  They pay is terrible but the gratitude and exposure is pretty solid.  Drop us a line and let us know you’d like to write and what your idea is.  Or just cut to the chase and send over an article.  Don’t be offended if we say its not right for our readers.  We’re not looking for anything full of links.  Just informative and entertaining.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading.   Here are today’s names.  Click the links for current price


Quote of the Day:  “ As I get older my biggest fear is not that I am going to do it wrong but that I’m not going to get it done -Me….yesterday ” 

Domain of the Day:      No reserve with 12 bids.  People pay 5 times that for just one outfit.

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids Big boy domain. This will hit 5 figures Ends early this morning. Some good letters here Under $500 at press time   the double letter is becoming a popular naming convention for startups and   If you are going to buy a this is the kind you buy in my opinion  Lots of companies share this name. 19 years old  Was a resort in Pigeon Forge that closed.  Looks like owner committed suicide.   And now it can be yours.  the name, not the resort.  Actually you may be able to buy the resort too   19 year old name.  Some good diving off Maui   Sturgis is known for one thing.  The big motorcycle rally.  10 years old.   Actually an upgrade for a few companies    Any is at least 3 figures  Even the dot net is getting a little action    This actually may be better than anniversary because its easier to spell   I’m not really up to date on NNNN.orgs but I’m pretty sure its more than the current $30 bid   Top number of bids on the board today  Means insurance in Chinese. Just kidding, I’m not sure but its almost at four figures   Social media company all the way   Nice tech company name.  Not quite Rocket Donkey but good   Monster name….literally   Not too bad.  Short for the collaboration    Just a few bids on this one.   Z makes it cool

Domains With One or No Bids

Housses.comMight as get the plural while you’re at it with one bidder at $12 No bids. Upgrade name for a few companies around the US of the same name No bids. We’ll see if Cuban cigars become a thing now that you can buy them in the US Domain name tracking. SMS you when things change A beach and could be a brand. Fun to say. Say it out loud. See…fun No bids. Live in Illinois and you see camo everywhere. The Mossy Oak brand leads the camo market around here Upgrade name. Millions of results should make a $12 investment profitable. May not stay at $12 now though. Sorry Gets a whopping 12 from a typo of tucows

Some Nice Numerics and LLLL.coms

Other Names With Bids

Namejet Auction    Only 18 bids at press time.  Great CPC and almost 100 million Google results  Brand or animal appreciation page.  4 bidders   Good marketing name for someone that makes tequila or a site to rank and sell them    At $150K each, owners will need financing    You mean I can’t eat whatever I want?  No bids   Save five figures off of   Canna name with no bids  Not getting much love……….yet   I think the that start with X are undervalued.  MY opinion only. Don’t buy based on my opinion or I’ll have another stupid article about don’t follow my lead. Love the C.  Me and the J don’t get along real well   More companies are actually starting to give dental again.  Because its so cheap compared to Medical  We still doing Buzz names?  I like to go to BuzzFeed and find out what kind of sub sandwich I am after 10 simple questions.  No bids

Some Names From our Upcoming Auction    One of the two types of cloning your computer. No reserve   Secrets and whistleblower site?  No bids, no reserve  My two favorite things to do when I visit the islands   Nice blog or news site  about the canna market   Stay at home Moms are powerful people on the net when in groups.   I would drink there.  No bidders  Pretty sure Vermont drivers need to have car insurance by law.  One bidder

SEDO Names   Sedo really is the best place to get the most out of NNL.coms.  They always seem to do well there   Met reserve at $240  This CHiP has met reserve and will sell today   Met reserve and under $100.  Worth that for an email alone IMO



MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

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Domain Spotlight:

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