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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday February 25th, 2018

I haven’t played video games in 2 years.  The last time I played was a Christmas weekend when my daughter and I had a hunch to play Grand Theft Auto so I went out and bought the game and a PS4 since we didn’t own a system. The same hunch came over me again when my daughter went to a party last weekend and they play NBA2K18 all night and she loved it.  She had Shaq dunking on everyone. So we went out and bought the game and we played all weekend.  I’ll take whatever I can get when it comes to spending time with my daughter.  I’ve been dabbling since.  But I’m terrible.  The only chance I have to compete is if I take the best team and play against the worst.

I’ve found so far that the best pre made team of all time is still Golden State.  I took all of the best Bulls teams, the Lakers with Kobe and Shaq, and I still can’t keep Curry, Durant, even Livingston from hitting threes all day.  I did form a team with all Jordan’s from each of his teams and Shaq in the middle and stayed with them a while.  But even that was a 30 point blowout.  Of course I’ve played less than 40 times in my life.  But I still enjoy the hell out of it.

I sound like an old man but it is true.  I never owned an Atari or ColecoVision. Even in my adult life with kids and a family we barely play. I bought all the systems but they just gather dust. My daughter loved the Wii for a minute but it became an expensive Blu Ray player.  The most I ever played was with my wife before kids and we played Tekken on Playstation every night for hours for years.  Of course as a kid,  I went over to my friends house and played almost every chance I could.  But we didn’t have one.  We didn’t have a color television until I was in High School. We never had cable until my last year of High School.  Got a VCR almost at the time DVDs were coming out.  Used to watch movies through a video camera my Dad would bring home for work.  The funny thing is I don’t really even remember wanting any of those things.  I’d just go over to my friends when I wanted to play or watch.

It wasn’t that we were poor.  We were just so busy doing other things that there wasn’t much time for all that. TV was something you sat around and watched right after school for a little bit and then a good show at night.  It didn’t even matter until the time came to try and bring girls over to watch a movie. The rest of the time we played.  Sports. Outside with our friends.  Back then kids roamed.  I road my bike for miles.  It wasn’t unusual for an 8 year old to ride with his friends all over.  It was just different times. But we did have a computer.  Had an Apple computer since the 70s and a Vic Commodore.  I played lots of games on that thing and wrote a ton of code that was full of If Then statement that got as fancy as having my name scroll endlessly or two digit subtraction.  I was a heck of a programmer (not really)  but don’t ask me to tell you anything about an old movie.

With the lack of cable and VCR until later in life and a busy schedule since,  until recently I hadn’t seen any movies except what I saw in the theaters.  I still haven’t made time to see all of Jaws or any of the Godfathers.  I’ve seen parts of all of them but not the whole thing.  The last 5 years I went on a catch up on all the famous movies.  So I went through the list of top 200 movies of all time and watched a ton of them.  The latest last week was The Magnificent 7.  I’m sure the new one is OK but the original is brutal.  I know the actors are some of the best of all time and the story is great ,but the acting is horrendous.   They didn’t even try to get the accents right and Yule Brenner just kept his regular accent.   Half the cast way overacted but I guess they played roles differently back then.  I always look past special effects because that’s not fair to compare to today’s movies.  Why have I missed the Godfather and Jaws?  Probably because I pretty much know what happens since its been on the TV in the background 400 times in the last 20 years.  Just never watched it all in one shot.  I don’t get sick much and that’s when movies really come into play.

Another thing that’s thrown off my movie and video game playing is I enjoy reading.  I generally won’t watch a movie if I read the book. I’ve already established what the characters look and sound like and I don’t really need to see someone else try and screw it up.  I also already know the story so the movie is less exciting.  And in general the book has more detail because they aren’t trying to squeeze it into 1:45 minutes.  The only exception I made recently was The Martian.  Because the book already had Matt Damon on it I went ahead and put him in the lead of my casting.  I also wanted to see what it looked like on the big screen because I though seeing what these devices and surrounding looked like would be great.  And it didn’t disappoint.

With today’s technology I can watch any movie I want at the push of the button.  An endless supply of content and entertainment.  And yet I still miss those days of riding my bike to the creek and trying to find Crawdads under a rock.  Of going fishing with my friends and getting mad every time a fish would take my line and pull it and catch it under a log.  Of coming home covered in mud because I built a fort in the woods made of stick and mud grass.  Today that play is replaced with running with my friends. The stories, the laughter, the advice.  There are days we go at it hard, other days we use the conversation to eat up the time it takes to get in the distance needed.  Still running miles away from home just like we did when we were kids.  Nothing has really changed.  I have just learned to put my dirty clothes in the washer myself…….usually.  Here are today’s names, Click on them for current price

Quote of the Day:  “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”  -Plato


Domain of the Day:  bet cryptocurrency.  Should do very very well.  Because crypto is certainly the future of online gambling.  at $24 at press time


Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   Definitely worth the high reserve    If its closer to the left side of the reserve I think it would go   Drugs is generally considered a bad word until you think about it in terms of drugstore.  Then it makes sense to use commercially  No bids on this one at $69.  And no reserve   Only 7 bidders.  Nice name sales platform name   The goal of everyone that doesn’t feel well.  One bidder so unfortunately you will take it to auction with your bid   Only 7 bidders on this name. I would expect quite a bit more by the end    Sounds like a tech company all the way.  No bids  Something of Something .net   I think .org works here.  Nobody agrees. No bids   A little typo there but that’s what makes it cool. Like a scar

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   One of the best .nets on the board in a few years   Upgrade name for a few places, new name for someone else.  1995 name so 22 years old  Obvious use.  A bit long for me   NY for New York.   20 year old  There’s a lot of money in those keyrings and water bottles they give out  Nice domain hack  Going to be a dog product at some point Will be a gaming name most likely.  I don’t know much about gaming except in NBA2K Curry lights me up every time   Nice letters.   The kind a Chinese investor would like    A magazine about rural living  H for holdings   Cloud names always seem to get a good price  Not something we get very often.  2009 name  Name that has some history and some backlinks  A CHiP.  The Q stands for quality to some people  Great name to sell solar kits  Not sure how to price 5Ns anymore but they still have tons of value

Godaddy Names With No Bids  A place where you can eat marshmallow snacks or peer at the ladies.  No bids.  1998 name  Nice little play on Boston for $17.  Boston Tech  Its a thing.  1998 birthday.  You colon will be cleaner than Ron Jacksons background check  Nobody says neat anymore but still not a bad clothing name.  Yeah, keep moving, we’ll find more names  Has a bid. Make a website that you have to click once a year just to mark you hadn’t died  The form looks a little odd but is going to be expensive so this would work for a dog boarding place.  No bids at $12 I think we all know what this is going to be used for.  Yep. A bowling blog I don’t like buying pigeonhole names like that but it is a strong sounding name and only $12 at press time Seogi or stances is a  Taekwondo term  What you do in straw or hay Easily memorable brand name  The kind of .cc I like to buy  Sounds a bit creepy but could be a tech name  Good name for someone who helps recover stolen domains like Theo does  Good marketing name for someone that does car and truck wraps  you’ll be fighting TulElo but I still like the name for $12

Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Same here – I always liked being outside playing sports with other kids in the neighborhood or riding our bikes to the creek. I think a creek is essential for a good childhood.

    The Wii doesn’t play Blurays, but it does play MarioKart which is pretty much the best game ever made for any Nintendo platform. I suggest you buy it, dust off the Wii and enjoy.

  2. If you don’t mind, I’ll be glad to have your PS4. Can’t afford one at the moment and I know it’ll light up my brothers’ faces

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