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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday January 22nd

The new movie about the McDonalds brothers remind me of a story from when I was younger.  One of my grandmothers good friends was Joan (Joni) Kroc.  The wife of Ray Kroc who bought McDonalds from the brothers and turned it into the company it is today.   I only knew of her from McDonalds but turns out she also owned the Padres. My grandmother has always dedicated most of her time and money to the arts and Joni and here bonded over the same love.   Joni donated millions to the arts in her lifetime. So where is this headed?

Turns out I was talking to a customer in Urbana who said her husband owned a TV station in San Diego and knew Joni or had at least met her several times.  How does a person that lives in Champaign and always has end up owning a station in San Diego?  Turns out he was a lawyer for a company that owned a radio station here in town and at the time the US government was handing out the rights to signals for TV stations around the country.  The radio station locally sent their lawyer, him,  to get the rights to a TV station in Champaign. When he got to DC he saw that there were still lots of cities available to buy for next to nothing.  So he bought one in San Diego which was one of the bigger cities still available.   And he has done quite well.  And you thought getting a domain back in the day was a good buy.   Here are today’s names.  Click the links for current price

Quote of the Day:  “ A small businessman who buys a domain in a new extension will essentially be invisible on the web -Ron Jackson DnJournal 2009” 

Domain of the  Instant cash names always draw good bids.  This one has already met reserve so it will sell

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Upgrade name for quite a few companies.  18 year old   Same for this name. First few pages of Google results could all upgrade    I’m a big solar guy right now.  I think we’re about ready to tip on installations and value of domains.  My opinion only.  Don’t buy any names on my advice or you will be forced to live off the grid in your trailer   The name screams premium.  But I guess that is pretty obvious     18 year old   Nice short   Wise gives it an intelligent sound   Actually gets 350 monthly visits if you believe Godaddy.   8 years old    Will be quite of these over the next few days  It was going so well until the V.    Low boats float   6Ns are moving up ever so slightly the last few months.  Keep an eye out.   Why does it feel like this will be an adult site eventually ?

Domains With One or No Bids Decent name for someone in our business or maybe a gymnastics training place. No bids Almost all grow names are worth looking at right now with the canna craze. $12 The backbone of many industries. No bids If you run a toy conference or show you should want this. If you don’t then its only ok at closeout IMO because it would make a good blog name

Other Names With Bids

Namejet Auction   The repeating Ms will draw the Chinese and the good letters the Western market  I think this one is just as good and will likely be $1000 cheaper   The returns aren’t as great on but you can always sell them quickly and they have been steadily going up over the last 5 years as a whole.  No, not straight up    The Internet is still built on great content and SEO  The name could be put to good use.  Keeping up and monitoring what’s going on around the world  Only 26 bidders on this one   A new pattern that I have seen coming up for sale.  Seems to be hitting four figures each time  Good letters with a reserve under $500

Sedo and Flippa  20 year old name.   There are a lot more uses for escrow other than domain names.   Big name, reserve probably is big as well  Very important name.    Hope it ends up in the hands of someone who can do good with it  Nice three letter dot com  Met reserve so it looks like someone is going to get Dik. Sorry, too easy and    Both had under $100 reserves so they are going to sell

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Domain Spotlight: