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Mar 19 2017



Breaking News!!!!!  Everyone read it wrong.  Or maybe I wrote it poorly.  (<——–correct answer)  . I wrote here the other day that Toby Clements had joined Team Media Options.  First of all it was David that sent out the newsletter and it was merely a kind gesture to help Drew out since he felt Drew had been screwed over in an article by Michael Berkens (that’s done, they’ve kissed and made up, now just a story to tell your kids).   No Clements are part of Media Options and I merely meant that they had picked a side in the argument.  That is all.  Evidently the phone lines lit up at Media Options after my little blurb with people thinking that Toby was now part of the company.  The crazy part of this is I had no idea anyone really read my opening.  I’m going to have to be more careful what I write now that I know people of importance stop by every once in a while.    Here are today’s names.  Click for current price

Quote Of The Day:  “Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself 

Domain Of The Day: Now that interest rates are starting to move people are starting to check mortgage rates online

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Hoping this would sneak through. Nice sounding brand for a tech or marketing company. Or a strip club   Great name for my plant growing industry but I imagine the canna industry is where this will head   Four figure name in my opinion.  Doesn’t sound like a payday loan like if you used the word quick   18 years old.  Getting a few bids because of the age and the word music   Not sure what this sounds like but I saw the line to buy the name and got in  A path that many have a map to but won’t take .  4 bidders   Yup.  4 number .cc can still cross 4 figures.  Someone tried to say .us was better than .cc.  No windows in that house   Here’s another one  D…..J….Khaaaaalid    Another great .  Some excellent ones this past week     Sorry I Never Told You   Virtual bridges.  14 years old.  11,000 backlinks   Not sure if poker will ever reach the levels of 10 years ago but there is still money there and     Two lower end  But lower end are LLLL.coms too   More than reserve I’d rather cut in line  Consonants and double numbers will get you over $100 right now   Sounds like a place I can get a nice body.  Too bad its next to The Gut Buster burger shop

Domains With One or No Bids 17 years old. As memorable as any of those expensive media names I said CAN get you over $100, not WILL Not worth a lot but might be worth a closeout buy No bids. Good weather related name. Sounds professional Says exactly what it will do Surprised this one is at this price Has to be an organization of people that love blue jean material. I see people wearing suits of it in Southern Illinois Nice domain lending name Add a cat and you have the lives of many. No bidders Better than many of the 5L hand regs people have sent me I get a D Passes the radio test, the short test, and the cheap test What most domain investors are Two angles here. Recover data or your car. OK maybe the data is the only angle. No bids A bit log but a nice mantra. $12 Again, long. But great marketing name for a solar company Most people have half of this down Solid keyword. Its what it takes to give .cc any value People love special things on their weddings. Money is no object it seems Would be a great race to have a race for singles only. I’d run with a sponsorship from Ashley Madison Good combo. Important things in a new couple’s life

 SEDO   Good podcasting name. Going to sell    Looks like its actually going to sell.  Close to reserve   If you’re German you should like this.   Almost at reserve

Namejet Auction   I don’t have to explain VR    Used to be a big PR5 travel site with backlinks from Washington Post and USA Today     I try and stay away from very tempting things.  Never works out.  But the name is nice   The only type of life insurance you should buy   Nice  Not a lot of profit left for a quick flip but becoming a true asset   “People Make It Pop”  Free slogan  Not a lot of bidders  I don’t really like dot co but this is a pretty cool name  High reserve.  Looked to see who owns it and its Stephen Gregory.  He has quite a domain history.  A lot of WIPO and UDRPs in his past

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

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