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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, December 14th, 2017


For some reason or another December has always been a good month for me.  Maybe its because the nursery slows down and I can do a little “hustling” on the side to make some money.  I usually sell a few domain names for extra money. Make a little trading.  This year has been no exception.  Except for the domain thing.   I had a few good offers like $3K for post auction but I wanted to clear $3K after Flippa fees.  But both the $3K offers never responded.  And now that my Nike trade and crypto buys did well I’m not going to sell it anyway.   Had a couple other offers for a few K here and there but it doesn’t quite ring the bell with some crypto cash in the pocket.  Did have a HUGE sale though (see screenshot below) 

That Nike trade mentioned yesterday started off well and is already up over 60%.  It certainly could go down but I think it runs to the 70s and I plan on making 3 to 4 times my money.  But please don’t buy it based on my thoughts.  Do your own homework.  I do think brands that have skipped retail stores and have become successful online are where you want your money.  Apple changed the game when they started their own stores and selling direct AND kept their retail guys still buying from them.  Nike now fully adopted this model after a few years of troubles with the switch.  Add in the retro shoe sales with the figuring out running,  and we have a winner.  Garmin is the next play.  They own the smart sport watch business and are ripe for a buyout.   Again, do your own homework

Back to domains. Rick Schwartz asked if next year in domain investing would be better than this year and I say yes.  or actually no.  I think it will be the same.  But I do see people who made money in crypto with a huge advantage financially.  Andrew Rosener already is putting his profits to work and buying some fantastic names.   I know a few others that have netted hundreds of thousands and will be putting them back into names.  But only the good names are going to be in high demand.  People aren’t going to take that money and buy one hundred $1000 dollar names.  They are going to buy 10 at $10K or 2 at $50K.   You are already seeing the heavy competition in the auction market for the good names. They are going for big bucks.  Heck was at $4500 at last time I checked.   This is going to be the norm.  There are plenty of crumbs available at the bottom and those crumbs can add up to a lot ,but the big money at the top is on the hunt.   On the contrary, the good prices are going to bring out top names.  Names that have never been for sale but the numbers are too good to pass up for a lot of owners.  It’s going to be fun if you have good names or a good bank account.  A real chance to make some money.  Replacing them is going to be the tough part .  Here are today’s names. They don’t work if you don’t click on them

Reminder:  Sedo’s Big Auction Ends Today  make sure to Check It Out

Quote of the Day: “if only everything was as easy as getting fat”  –everyone in December

Domain of the Day:    A solid name for finding things local.  Going to have to pay up


Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   I didn’t think this one would meet reserve but has some awesome bids so it just might     Great name to sell all the latest VR things.  No bidders       Incredible coin name.  Officially incredible and coin in the name.  No bidders        Have a skill, find a skill       Would make a pretty good brand. Too Short thinks it makes a good song        Nothing more homey than a den.  Bring that feeling online  Been up for auction a few times but met reserve so it will sell  Met reserve at $16,500 so somebody is going to have a new domain to take home for Christmas  I thought for sure Schilling (he’s Canadian eh)would but this but looks like he’s not upping his bid  I thought this was worth the reserve.  But not there yet   Pretty awesome letters on the left.  A dumpster fire on the right though  one of the nicer dot cc.  Sorry, it was on the tee and I had to hit it.   But it is getting great bids

🔔.ws (  Bell

😊.ws ( Happy Face, Smiley Face

🍧.ws ( Shaved Ice, Sno Cone   The extra T makes the name more aggressive sounding.  No bids  Furniture repair name.  Good marketing name if your company does this  Says right in the name exactly what you do     The format for social media.  If you are making videos for phones you want to make it this way

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   1995 domain. That’s all that really drew me to the name    Peeing bitcoin   Hackers love sites that have the word hack in it.   Actually going to be a video game hack site IMO    American Medical News.  Thats what the site was.  Big price for prized backlinks   It has blockchain in it.  I have no idea what you are recruiting for   A crypto newspaper.  New meets old  Great acronym letters.   1998 birthday   A company that raised 5 million and then got bought out   Cheaper than   5L .com under $100   You know what you’re going to find here?  Seeds   Top # of bids on the board today

A Group of Numerics if Anyone is Still doing patterns

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  The luckiest crypto coin there is  Not a bad marketing name for $12  You have to admit you wouldn’t forget them name  2002 domain with no bids  Somebody is really trying to class up a shit   Already a bid on this one.  Buy it and put up a lander and post it a link when they fight in the comments  I have enough plant domains, this is all yours  Bongs   A new and improved litter box  It has chain in it. Thats enough  A super cheap way to buy a lime

Godaddy Names With Bids

ll names chosen by me Shane, or Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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20 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, December 14th, 2017”

  1. I’m not in Crypto at all unfortunately .. but yeah .. I think the best thing for domains is going to be a plateauing or soft landing in Bitcoin … unfortunately I’m not sure that if/when the climb stops, that there’s a good chance that final correction won’t be be a soft landing. It really depends on a few unpredictable factors.
    Where I’m not 100% I agree with you is the type of domains that start to sell. Those super premium one words are certainly going to sky rocket … but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of crypto investors for whom those will still be out of reach who will look to the slightly lower tiers. Not to mention how limited they are and the simple fact that *IF* all that happens, the prices of said domains could take another significant jump in value .. which would be great short term .. but the real value in such names is end user .. so in fact the wholesale/retail gap would narrow making them harder to sell at the same mark-ups.
    So I think those $1000 domains won’t necessarily be a bad play at all. I think longer term that’s where the end-user growth just has to be based on the ever shrinking supply of one-words.
    That being said .. I guess it all totally depends on what you meant by $10k and $1k names .. did you mean wholesale or retail? If you meant wholesale then I guess we’re almost saying the same thing! lol .. As I agree .. crappy names will always be crap .. plus there are way way too many of them for the surge in bitcoin to even factor into play … if you look at expiring names with bids or domains for sale at NamePros … at least 95% of them will never have value even if a trillion dollars were infused into the domain market (ok .. I might be exaggerating a touch .. lol).

      1. How much time are you spending going through lists these days now that you’re looking for significantly stronger names than you were in the past?
        For me the names are there .. the trick is to find enough of them so that you have a good chance of a couple of domains slipping through unseen by others for you to grab super cheap and undervalue even at wholesale. And yes .. I agree it is long and tedious! :-/

  2. You will get your 3k (gross) for I have never had any dot cc domains but if I did, that would be the one. Especially with the potential branding of the cc as cryptocurrency. Can’t wait to see how much sells for in NamesCon auction. They were asking 10k on their ( site. Way things are going now I think it will surpass 10k…

    I agree that premium top tier dot coms will go up in value next year, but I am also kinda with Ategy here. I do believe that the 1k domains will gain value as well. I sold a few this past month, (1 – 1.5k) and I believe I will see 1 or 2 of those resell next year for more. Its all about the roi right now though.

    The emojis being colorful and short look pretty cool in your list.

    Can’t believe you are letting us all have

    Congrats on your sale!
    Now you can go buy (3.5) Ripple and (2) Trig!

      1. Can you still get a Big Mac trio in the US for $5? They’re at like $8-9 here now! 🙁
        There’s one McDonald’s a couple kilometers from here that let’s me in with Steamie (as long as I hold him) .. he goes nuts when we get close cause he knows I’m going to grab a McDouble or two and share little bits with him. Those are still $1.69 .. probably $1.49 or less in the USA … so you’re likely good for 3 of them! 🙂

  3. Haven’t eaten a burger from McD’s in a long while so not sure about burger prices. I have never heard of any deals called “trio” though. Maybe thats just a McD Canadian thing. I go there for a fast breakfast once in a while. For $5, I know you can get (2) breakfast burritos and a hash brown for under $5. No nutritional value I know, but just fills the void when running the rat race and no time.
    I do know this though. If you are a ice coffee person. I remember a couple posts talking about ice coffee brew here. I think Josh brought it up, then Shane added more in a later post. So, I am an iced coffee guy, and I like sweet too. I like chocolate. So, Burger King has the BEST mocha iced coffee, and get this. Its under $3.000 some BK’s! Beat that StarBucks!
    So there ya go Shane. gets you a BK mocha iced coffee, AND (1) Trig, AND (1) Ripple!

    1. lol .. I’m thinking you have a huge backlog of my comments that didn’t get posted that you are now trying to figure out why!? 😉

  4. I guess I am leading a very sheltered life here in downtown Chicago…lol
    Maybe I don’t pay attention, maybe they don’t use that term. Lets check this out.
    OK, so just to prove I am not crazy here, or to figure out if I was losing it, I did the ultimate test just now, using the ultimate journalistic tool. The internet. It took me straight to McDonald’ when I typed those letters in. That IS the place they would list any of their marketing terms I believe. I used the search bar and looked up the term “trio” Guess what I found? Nothing. Well not nothing, actually 1 result that had nothing to do with their food.

    “2017 CIAA Basketball Championships | McDonald’s
    Learn how McDonald’s continues to help celebrate HBCU pride and alumni by sponsoring the CIAA Basketball Championships.

    Learn how McDonald’s continues to help celebrate HBCU pride and alumni by sponsoring the CIAA Basketball Championships. ”
    I don’t even see the term “trio” in there. It is probably an ad placed at the bottom of all their search results.
    The term “trio” does make sense in reference to their food packages since the meals are usually only 3 items but I have never ever heard that term in any marketing here at all.

    1. **** Mind BLOWN ****
      So what do you say … Big Mac, Fries and a Coke?
      There’s no special deal for getting all 3?
      I need to plan a trip down there just to have some McD’s with you and Shane! Plus Shane now has enough to buy each of us a McDouble! lol

  5. Regarding the auction for, the high bidder, “hejako”, is the same high bidder of from yesterday that didn’t meet reserve at $131K. I’m curious if he’s just a person that likes to place high bids without having the responsibility of actually paying or is an alias for these direct listers.

    1. Good observation but hopefully not. Hopefully he just maxed out there at 131k and didn’t hit reserve so moved on, which now means he has an extra 100k for protege, maybe?

  6. Yes. or we just say Big Mac “meal”. Whopper “meal” etc.
    We use the term “meal” in most fast food places up here. That always is 3 things, (burger/fries/drink)
    There is your “trio”! Now that would be a fun as hell “trio” You, Shane and me at McD’s.
    I’m in!

    1. I took my mom shopping for her first cell phone this evening .. as a thank you she asked me where I wanted to go for dinner … guess where we went!? lol

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