Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday June 15th

Jun 15 2017

Tough day for names at GD auction today.  Or maybe I just am being particular.  I felt like I spent twice as long going through the list to get half as many names.  I guess there are days like that.  And June traditionally has been the worst month for expiring name as judged by my sales commission.   On a side note yesterday bitcoin took a hit and I see it following that trend back to $2K.  Etherium has a bit more to fall in my opinion.  And this isn’t a hope or a wish.  I don’t wish for it to go down.  I love rising prices.  I am the same guy that roots for good teams and favorites just because I like to see good play.  I root for Bitcoin and Etherium because its exciting and I love seeing people make money.  People that make money like to spend it and I like to sell them things.  So sorry in advance for a weak list today.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:  ” How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -Winnie the Pooh “

Domain of the Day:   Ripe and ready to become an online tool.  Closes today

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  which has a bottom and the current price (when I was writing this)  is less than that    Staffing solutions.  A bit cheesy but certainly memorable   and Can they overcome the tld?  Getting some bids Everything the Chinese love. All comes down to the reserve   I’ll take this kind of name under $50 all day   alternate spelling for Hallelujah   The singular is a five figure name but this one has some good value as well    Pattern has it getting some great bids already   Last name is the driver   A surname and a

Domains That I Like With One or No Bid Sounds like a 90s cable company Upgrade name for a few companies No bids. A place where the creative and smart meet Sock, shoe, or pedicures Ask Aaron if you can make any money in

Large List of Short Dot TV At Auction

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Namejet Auctions    Good brand name for anything magical   If I could only find out how to get this.  Only two bids   The boss, the better person   Officially a five figure name .  Red makes it completely different from Apple but I wouldn’t go tech if I owned it  And I thought this one was going to go cheap   Great clothing brand.   Oh never mind. Zero percent chance of meeting reserve  Great letters and this reserve seems reasonable    Met reserve, will sell.  You know I like these kind a lot  No bigger racket than medical insurance.  Other than hospitals themselves   Going to have to be all cash or all hash  Bird or porn  I love items as brands.  That’s why I bought monkeywrench and blowtorch for the pattern collectors

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an emailI Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. anonymous

    Btc may be a good hedge against this house of cards world economy. They will be coming for everything when shit hits the fan.

  2. Ategy

    Please don’t ever worry about not posting enough names .. lol .. it just means more hidden gems for those of us who actually do take the time to go through the lists! 🙂

    It’s weird though .. even after removing the .tv’s I’m tracking (more for curiosity), I’ve got a slightly above average day in terms of domains I’m keeping an eye on. But I too have days where I wonder why it’s so much higher or lower than average .. I actually like the quiet days lately .. gives me more time to catch up on sleep! 🙂

    Of names with bids I feel and deserve to be in the “names I like” section. Also .. your link to isn’t working (doesn’t seem to be listed at GD .. think the .net is there though)

    But if you want a few more names for your list .. of names you haven’t listed I’ll add a couple of names I likely won’t be bidding on ..

    TechnoLime – (Kinda cool despite sounding like Take No Lime)
    SeniorSalute – (Veteran’s something something …)
    Aurez – (5L sounds a bit like Aura .. which would be 1000x this one .. lol)
    PRFellowship – (Public Relations)
    CastleCuisine – (Hungryman/Castle sized TV dinners fit for a king)
    DoodleNotes – (Singular would prob be better, but I still think this is ok)
    YourFateNow – (Fortune teller website)
    RussianBilling – (Accountant that specialises in import/export to Russia)
    ChangingMan – (A site you’ll likely only visit January 1st)
    GuideToParadise – (Guide for Shane when he retires in Hawaii)
    CreditJuggler – (Debt consolidation lead gen)
    ActiveMoments – (I just like this name for some unknown reason)
    UniqueGestures – OK brand for future tech of motion recognition/capture (Minority Report)
    CouchExecutive – (Similar to Armchair Quarterback)
    HugUniversity – (Possible name for future kid’s cartoon)
    EnglandRomance – (UK dating site)
    RuralAdventures – (This is where you find the map to go visit Shane)

    My old disclaimer .. lol: The above are auctions that end today at GoDaddy Auctions. I am looking to bid on others (better ones that I’m not posting for obvious reasons), so keep in mind there are even better domains out there for those of you who invest time in research and going through the lists. 😉

    I highly suggest you double and triple check all domains for typos, bad translations, trademarks, IDNs and to confirm any errors in stats/data. Remember that the only person ever responsible for buying a domain is the person who buys it. These will likely be the best domains that I did not plan to purchase, so keep that in mind …

    1. Post author


      Are you selling all these names you watch? Or atleast have a positive return. The only person I’ve ever met that does is Josh and his verification process is still under review but at least I see official sales. Love to hear what you are selling and prices. Buying is easy, selling is tough.

      1. Ategy

        Nope .. lol … as stated in my “disclaimer” .. the names I listed are some of the better names that do NOT even make my 2nd round of cuts (meaning those are names I don’t consider buying .. sometimes I change my mind last minute). I’ve had a bunch of stuff come up in real world that has really affected my free time. Please feel free to harass my ass into taking a break from the lists/buying, and instead focusing on getting all my stuff priced and marketplace up and running! lol
        I actually have 4 days off starting Sat and really want to make some serious progress. I’ve bought a substantial number of domains over the last half year or so. Most *SIGNIFICANTLY* better than the ones I’ve listed above (although like everyone I do have some regrets .. lol), or even of those lists I posted in the past in my thread at NamePros (let me know if it’s ok to link to that thread here in the comments).
        The first domain I bought was actually a hand reg back in 1999 for my old DJ / Club Music community from long ago. Since I’ve bought a few domains over the years with intent of developing (including some killer single keyword .mobi’s .. lol .. which I have since dropped).
        I’ve always liked casually looking for cool domains. I even bought 2-3 big ones in the past for much more than I buy today. But mostly I pick off names that sneak through unnoticed below $100 right down to $5 closeout.
        But late last year I realised I’ll just never have more than 24 hours a day, so I made a conscious decision to stop dreaming about future-development, and focus on domaining. At that point I actually grabbed a bunch of what I think are fantastic mostly single key-term .co’s (yes .co, not .com). I’m still actually pretty happy with a good number of these domains, and back then I also grabbed a handful of good short single key-terms in .biz, .cc, .org, .net and a couple of others, and while I was indeed buying .com from the start, I’d say the last 6+ months I’m well over 90% .com.
        I’m a very strong proponent that ngTLD’s and re-purposed TLD’s (like .tv and .co) are neither good nor bad (with the exception of junk TLD’s where ultra-cheap pricing is leading to spam .. which will lead to the domains being essentially useless if the emails are blacklisted en masse). I feel each domain needs to be looked at to see if there is synergy on both sides of the dot. I will certainly agree that most ngTLD domains registered are total garbage .. but I will also say there are some gems out there … that *IF* bought cheap, can certainly be good investments. That being said, most of my non-com’s are .co, .biz, .org and .net .. with a small handful of others. It’s really important to remember that the number of garbage .com domain names actually far outnumber the total number of all ngTLD domains combined .. lol.
        So anyhow .. late last year is when I started listening to Sherpa and joined NP. Since around the same time (maybe a bit before) I’ve been doing about 3 hours a night going through lists (used to be 8-9000 domains which I’ve cut down to I’m guessing under 4-5000 because I was going crazy) .. plus about 30 minutes to get my *PERSONAL* “Daily domains to watch page”. Which is essentially usually between 200-250 domains that I put through Estibot to get a few metrics (which I find I’m using less and less to be honest .. but I’m always thinking that good metrics do give some liquid value in most cases .. particularly when I buy domains in closeout at $11 or $5).
        Of those 250 domains, I “bold” the ones I like best. Usually under 100 .. almost all better than the ones I actually share (generally taken from the “unbold”) .. although sometimes I did through in a couple of better ones just for fun for people who were paying attention to profit from.
        Then out of those 100-, I go through another purging round to let’s say about 50 domains, during which point I put them into a few catagories that essentially range from “$5 closeout” all the way up to “This is an amazing domain I really want .. self-permission to go into $xxx!” lol
        It’s almost like I actually don’t go into a day with the intention of buying any domain … I try to only buy based on relative value. While I do check multiple bid domains, I usually don’t go for them. At the end of the day I’m actually shocked at some amazing domains I’ve got really cheap .. meaning closeout or even under $50 for some of the better ones.
        Since last year I’d say I on buy on average about 5 domains a day. Which actually is still a HELL OF A LOT. I know I should be focusing on selling, but I’ve had a series of personal obstacles .. add to that the fact I also have a real world job. But excuses are not going to help me come renewal time .. lol.
        Josh has completely opened my eyes in some ways because I think our process must be very similar in some ways … yet at the same time I really question some of the names he’s got (but I’m REALLY happy that it works for him as he seems like a really nice guy that puts in a lot of work). He’s a mega-volume guy. I’d think the best way to describe me is that I am like josh, but I’m much much pickier in what I buy .. yet at the same time I’m buying my domains more expensive (as I think he’s mostly handreg-ing drops). One of the reasons I actually stopped sharing my lists at NP for a while is because I want to test to see how many get through to the real end drop and see if I can get some at reg-fee. Until now I’ve avoided letting them drop completely because I figured that final $5 closeout cost was worth keeping them “aged” which means nothing for end users .. however .. it still is a factor for many domainers so I see the $5 as “liquidity insurance” (meaning I know it won’t help for end users, but it will help me sell for slightly more $$ and/or sell faster at wholesale if I ever want/need to liquidate parts of my portfolio)
        With no outbound, no marketplace listings, no website/store/shopping card, and no for sale pages, to date I’ve sold one of my .co’s at very low $xxxx .. and it was one of my worst ones that I would never buy now (I bought it for around $50 including renewal I think). Ironically I had a super easy time pricing my .co’s because they are single word or single terms. But I’m having a lot of difficulty pricing my .com’s because they are mostly 2-words, call-to-actions, brandables, etc etc .. of which they could easily sell for $300, $2000 or $10,000 depending on the buyer .. lol.
        At the end of the day though .. I’m quite happy with 75% of my portfolio .. a number that is higher for the most recent sales. But again .. happiness and satisfaction mean nothing until I start getting the sales rolling!
        Anyhow .. got to go walk the dog (thankfully I usually get my paperwork and cell organised enough that I can do auctions while walking him and simultaneously listing to Sherpa podcasts)! 🙂

  3. Ken Wilkins

    Ategy, my ADHD does not allow me to read your comment. Can you sum it up in 1 sentence for me please:-)

      1. Ategy

        Alvin .. Yup .. originally I wasn’t necessarily in a big rush .. it sounds like a lot of buying .. and in the raw sheer numbers sense it is .. but I’m actually going through a ton of names every night and the number of domains I buy versus the total amount of domains is low .. which theoretically means that if I’m filtering and looking right, that I should still end up with good names with relative value vs purchase price. Meaning that while most are not $40k domains, even at $2k I’ll be making 50x – 100x multiples .. which it really needs to be if I want the time I’m investing to be paid off. (Eventually I want that .. but at the start there’s also learning and self-training .. I don’t mind putting in the time as an educational investment so to speak).

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