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Sep 14 2017

I was talking to a new investor that was upset that I didn’t like his domain and it got me to thinking about something I wrote a few years ago.  Turns out I wrote in on DomainShane five years ago. Like most things I write it rambled a bit. Yet I think it still has value, and actually will always have value ,so I am going to reprint it here to read again.


People are defensive.  The less confident you are,  the more likely you will react to anything negative that comes your way.  But the reality is this. There is always going to be someone better than you at something that you do.  There is only person that is THE best at something and the billion other people are not. The difference between an adult and a child is the ability to recognize the difference between I Can’t and I won’t.   A child thinks they can’t achieve something, an adult realizes they can achieve almost anything but they won’t want to put the time and effort necessary to reach that goal because it would take away from so many other things.

As humans we love to come up with excuses why we aren’t better at something.  It usually comes down to time, money, or information.  The first one is a reality, but the fact of the matter is when most people say they don’t have the time they are not telling the truth.  People MAKE time for things they want to do.  You don’t have time to make it to your wife’s Christmas party but somehow you found a way to take time off of work to go to Vegas with your friends.  You want something bad enough, you make time.   Mark Cuban said something on Shark Tank that stayed with me.  He instantly said no to a guy on SharkTank because he was an Ironman.  He said that he would never invest in a guy that does triathlons.  He said a guy that trains 15 hours a week is wasting time that could be put into his business.  And that is absolutely true.  Hobbies take time that could be spent on your business.  It is why there are people that will be better than you. They go all in when most people mix their time among several different things.  I have come to the realization that I can never be great or the best at anything I do because I don’t want to go all in.  This is not a defeatist attitude, this is an intelligent attitude that acknowledges reality. Something that many people have difficulty doing because they take it personal that they may not be very good at something.

There are hundreds of men and women that are better domain investors than me.  Yet I still do pretty well.  I have set a goal that is realistic and I try and achieve it.  I originally set a goal of $10K profit each year.  Then I moved it to $30K and now it’s $50K.  I will move it to $100K.  Owen Frager reminds me daily that Schilling puts that much in his change jar each night.   I am wise enough to know that I am not Frank Schilling.  I am not jealous of Frank.  I admire Frank and love to hear his approach to making money.  Perhaps it will help me make more but beyond that I have nothing invested.  I am not star struck by those that have achieved more than I.  I only want to know what it took to get there and then analyze IF I would make certain investments is it possible to achieve and if it is, is that where I want to be.   I do this with everything, from being an actor, to running certain businesses, to achieving athletic goals.  As a 43 year old man that has had a ton of failures and successes I now can make accurate predictions of potential to achieve certain things.  And the answer to most of them is “Nope, not possible”

Again, this is not negative, its reality.  A reality that will help you achieve real goals and expand. Letting you have little victories along the way.  Keep you setting that bar higher until you reach that point where you can decide if you want to “go all in”.  Criticism of a guy that isn’t as good at something is meaningless.  Even if they think they are the best. It is the biggest problem I have.  I have always felt it was my duty to try and make people realize they aren’t as good as they think they are.  I realize it’s wrong, and each year I get a little better, but I still keep trying to put mirrors in front of other people when I should be worrying about my own.  The ironic part is I am even harder on myself.  Making sure that I am realistic about where I stand and what I can accomplish with what I’m willing to put forward.  I work my ass off at a lot of stuff and yet my returns are mediocre.  It’s because I put it into too many things.  I am good at a ton of things, I am great at none.

So I’ll leave you with this. Don’t worry about what others are doing in domain investing.  Don’t worry about others calling your domains pigeon shit.  But DO listen.  Listen because if one person says that you have bad domains then they may be just trying to get your goat.  If two people say that your portfolio has no value then it might just be chance.  But if 5 people tell you the same thing then they are right and you need to change directions if you hope to achieve success.  There is no such thing as everyone else being wrong.  Divvy up your time wisely.  Use it wisely but expect the results to be a direct relation to the effort put in.  Don’t be upset when someone is better than you because they worked harder at it.  Only worry about whether you got the results YOU expected from your effort.  Jealousy is the homage mediocrity pays to those that work harder ….or something like that.


.  Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day: “If my work was good enough I would never have to do publicity”  -David Duchovny

Domains of the Day: Good marketing name for $12 (at press time, probably not now) 

Namejet , DropCatch, and Sedo Names at Auction  Closes today.  Great name for all the things going on in Florida and Texas right now.  Great timing on the name    Going to need a lot of these to help in Florida and Texas as well     Good name for an investment company  Great name.  Probably not going to reach this reserve.  A bit of a reach  Met reserve so its going to sell today  Met reserve at $79 Not getting quite the same returns as Football Fan   The market for securing data is billions and billions.  Every hack makes this more valuable One of those names that some company is going to want at some time. Just have to wait until they come a knockin   Don’t know what its going to be used for but I would guess its going to be small    worldwide name.  But I guess that’s pretty obvious   Sounds like a last name from Game of Thrones

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  A term most people know.   Also something your goofy aunt would say    All these bids on hopes that 1-page will upgrade.  Same here.  Better ways to make money IMO    A bit generic but descriptive.  And that’s good enough to give it value IMO   Food brand all the way  Somebody is going to try and make the spelling bee a sport.  Or just a honey based sports food   Media names have been money for years now    Always a need for more sites to help launch new projects   The net brings us around the world but also helps us find more things local     Again, a bit generic but still a pretty good marketing name    One of the better for sale lately


Good Group of LLLL.coms Today


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids Not a bad for $12 No bids. 1999 birthday. Just in case you need some help being a slacker Because you know its coming. And maybe their building won’t have to be within 100 yards of a giant car junkyard Going to take a build out to realize the awesome $19 clicks. No bids Sounds techy enough to put in portfolio IMO 90 visits free with purchase. get smarter

Other Domains With Bids

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  1. Ategy

    Nice read (the actual link doesn’t work though .. it says I “can’t preview drafts”).
    … and yes .. “Time” .. it’s a [Insert Samuel Jackson line here]!

  2. Tim Davids

    Good stuff. Kills me when people live paycheck to paycheck but know every tv show on at night :p
    I usually try to get to where I think I’m at least in the top 10 % of things I do. To get higher than that probably takes double the effort.

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